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A Description of permaculture at the Bethel Business and Community Development Centre and at Newforest Institute.

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  • 1. Permaculture:Southern Africa and Northeast U.S.FeaturingBethel Business andCommunity Development CentreNew Forest InstituteApplications in Mid-Coast Maine Andrew Watkins, July 29, 2009

2. ContentsContextAvailable ResourcesConnecting the Dots with Permaculture 3. Themes Water HarvestingNatural Building TechnologiesAppropriate TechnologyFood Cycles 4. Context: Lesotho, S. AfricaYear 2000 2001: Peace Corps Site: Bethel Business and Community Development CentreSchool for Rural Development Demonstrations of PermacultureAppropriate Technology 5. Where Are We? 6. Lesotho: The Mountain Kingdom 7. Context: Maine - 2008/2009 Brooks, MENew Forest Institute Summer VolunteerPermaculture Certification 8. OverviewLesotho Bethel Business and CommunityDevelopment Centre (BBCDC) 9. The Bethel RegionHeavily erodedMinimal VegetationMountainousNote the Plateau 10. BBCDC and Village of BethelEucalyptus GroveScorched earthAspen GroveDongas (Gullies) 11. Brooks, MEYoung forestsMany fieldsNear the coastClear CutsGravel pits 12. Connecting the Dots with PermaculturePermaculture is an ecological design systemfor sustainability in all aspects of human endeavor www.permaculture.orgPermacultural systems tend toward creation of forest ecosystems that sustain humansin a multiplicity of ways 13. Principles to look at1) Design elements are put in the right place2) Each element serves many functions3) Each function is served by many elements4) Put often-managed elements near the house5) Put rarely-managed elements farther away6) Pay attention to sun, wind, and fire directions7) Stack plants vertically8) Use time stacking 14. Primary Tenets1)Earth Care Earth as home its the only one wehave2)People Care Helping each other in a way thatdevelops healthy societies3)Fair Share Limit consumption so that othershave their share 15. Resources: LesothoWaterStoneSouth AfricaSunshine 16. Home away from Home The Rondavel Northern Exposure Plenty of Daylighting Batch Water Heater Photovoltaics Solar Oven and... 17. ...from the SouthMetal Roof vs. ThatchQuite the ViewMy own Peach Tree (2)Stone Masonry and... 18. To build the round walls...A BBCDC-designed andbuilt formLay the stone andconcrete insideSimilar to CobConstruction 19. A closeup of the peach tree ...And to provide it water... 20. A Swaling System With other water systems such as... (3) 21. Spring-Fed Cisterns using...Photovoltaic SystemsandA Hydraulic Ram Pump Supplying Water to... 22. Ivans House withIntegrated CisternSolar OvenPrivate GardenMechanics ShopGuest Quartersand... 23. The Campus Center withStone workSolar TechnologyLandscapingFood Production (7) 24. The Restaurant and Office Complex withDiscrete CisternsPV DC systemThermo-siphoning waterheaterSolar exhaust ventAnd seating for 24 25. The Machining and Carpentry Workshop with2003 PV array addedArc welding powered bygeneratorsFurniture buildingand School kitchen on therightAnd all these buildingsinclude... 26. Solar TechnologyWhich also powers... (3) 27. A Commercial Food DryerUsed for drying fruitsand vegetablesSolar powered using flat-plate technologyAir exhausted throughthe Turbine Ventilator 28. A Bread Oven PrototypeUsing an anodizedaluminum shell andhaving parabolic frameDual Orientation and10-loaf capacity 29. Commercial Solar OvensAble to cook enough foodfor school populationFormed with square tube,sheet metal, andanodized aluminum 30. Batch Solar Water Heaters Storage and heating integrated in one unit Will only heat up limited amount of water is simple to construct Not usable in freezing conditions Allowing humans the timeto... 31. Produce Food Sources such as 32. Seedlings and Saplings forregional farmersShadingValue Added Business 33. For cooking food, Solar-powered CookersOf Commercialand... 34. Household sizecapable of cooking... 35. The Following FoodstuffsA Pot of BeansA Thanksgiving TurkeyLoaves of BreadMany PotatoesA pan of Lasagnamade with food from... 36. The market gardens Interspersed around the campus and Growing a wide variety of vegetables And now for a little trip... 37. To The Shores of Maine and ...Permaculture inWaldo County where... 38. Resources in Maine includeTimberSlateStoneWaterSeaweedand... 39. Clearcuts become Forest Gardens (2,3) With Fruit Trees Nut Trees Fruit-bearing shrubs Soil builders Herbaceous plantsand... 40. Ponds are discovered Providing water for flora and fauna Sources of irrigation Opportunity for water management and... 41. In winter become Places to Skate and Frolic Part of a snow field 42. Where yards become gardens (8) Full of food for body and spirit and minimal weeding and... 43. More Ponds (2) Feed water plants Birds and insects while... 44. Small Dimensional Timber Can be used for building hobbit houses, Can use unusual pieces, and Create a cozy nook for living inand then... 45. GreenhousesProvide early seasonvegetables such as radishes and lettucesand... 46. Where Seaweed is used as fertilizerAdding many nutrientsEnriching the ecosystemEnhancing vegetablegrowthso that... 47. A Cob Oven Can be used to make pizzas with those vegetables which... 48. Can be Eaten with Friends! 49. And the Results Deposited in...A Mouldering Toilet from whence... 50. Nutrients for the Forest Garden are depositedIn a never endingcycle of use and reuse 51. Thank YouResources: BooksIntroduction to Permaculture; Mollison &SlayPermaculture: A Designers Manual;MollisonGaias Garden...; HemenwayResources: MagazinesPermaculture ActivistPermaculture Magazine