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Introduction to Urban PermacultureGold Coast PermacultureWELCOME!

What is permaculture?Permanent agriculture

Ecologically sound & Economically viablePermanent agriculture

Provide for their own needsDo not exploit or polluteSustainable in the long term

Provide for their own needsSustainable in the long term

Do not exploit or pollute

Permaculture deals with:

Permaculture Design

Permaculture EthicsCare of the EarthCare of the peopleShare of surplusMoral beliefs and actions in relation to survival on our planet.

Care of the earthCare of all living & non living things:

Soils & AthmosphereSpecies and their varietiesWater, Forests & Animals

Active conservationEthical use of resourcesWorking for useful & beneficial systems

Care of peopleBasic needs for:FoodShelterEducationSatisfaying employmentConvivial human contact

Fair ShareContribution of surplus:TimeMoneyEnergy to achieve the aims of earth and people care.

Permaculture PrinciplesThinking tools that allow us to re design our environment and behaviour

1. Relative LocationWe must put it in the right place

Chicken Pen close house & gardenWind break Stop wind but not sun

Worm farm close to kitchenGravity for natural water flow


1. Relative Location

Working relationships between each elementInputs needed by one are supplied by otherOutputs needed by one are used by other

2. Multiple Functions

Each element in the system should be chosen and placed so it performs as many functions.

Pond in the backyardHabitat for birds

Useful plats list pass it around12

2. Multiple Functions

Water plants used as fertilizers

Useful plats list pass it around13

3. Multiple ElementsBasic needs such as:Water & FoodEnergy & Fire protectionShould be served in two or more ways

Dam near house in case of fireMoringa as a perennial food treeWater harvesting from roof into water tanks


4. Efficient Energy Planning

Zone PlanningPlacing elements according to how much we use them or how often we need to service them.


4. Efficient Energy Planning

Sector PlanningUnderstanding the direction from which:sun, wind, fire and flood come helps in the placement of structures and vegetation.


4. Efficient Energy Planning

Slope Observe relative elevations to decide on the placements of:

Dams & water tanks Drains, flood & flow diversionsPlace wastewater


5. Using Biological ResorcesPlants and animals do the work for us!

Animal Tractors

Umbelliferous & Composite Plants

Natural fertilizers: Comfrey & Leguminous


6. Energy CyclingCatch, store and use! Composting kitchen wastes

Thermal mass Strawbale &Superadobe Natural Building

Leaves raked for mulch


7. Small-Scale Intensive SystemFully develop the nucleus before going on!

Time stacking


8. Accelerating Succession and Evolution

Raise organic levels artificially

Plants that will easily survive Using what is already growing


9. DiversityFunctional connections between elements


9. DiversityGuilds - Placement of species which benefit each other


10. Edge EffectsProductivity increases at the boundary between two ecologies. Resources from both systems can be used.

Herb Spiral increase edge and micro climate

Keyhole & Mandala Gardens


11. Attitudinal PrinciplesYou dont have a snail infestation, you have a duck deficienty


11. Attitudinal PrinciplesPermaculture is not energy or capital intensive. Permaculture is information-intensive!If we take the time to read, observe, discuss and contemplate, we design systems which save energy and give us yields.



Permaculture Ethics in our own livesLong-term consequences of your actions. Natives X Invasive speciesIntensive systems X Extensive systemsBe diverse, polycultural for stability or changeBring food-growing back into the citiesPromote community responsabilityReafforest earth, restore fertility to the soilRecycle all wastesSee solutions, not problemsWork where it counts

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