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Learn to make Mobile Apps and Games

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This is the brochure for Click Labs Institute (CLI) - a premium training institute offering training in mobile app and game development. CLI is an offshoot of Click Labs, a mobile development company with over 150 apps and games launched successfully. The students get to work on live projects and we also provide opportunities of placements to them.

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2. Click Labs, headed by Samar Singla, started out as a mobile-rst app development company. Today, were a full-edged mobile development service company providing services for mobile gaming, startups, tailored business solutions for enterprises and Internet of Things. We provide products as solutions with one of the best development and design in the industry. ! In a span of 3 years, Click Labs has grown to a team of 120 members and ofces in India and US. Throughout the creation and deployment of 100+ apps, we put our focus on quality, speed, agility and security of the apps we build. Weve taken care to set ourselves up as an agile company with the ability to grow and scale quickly without fear, helping our clients do the same. ! To know more about Click Labs, visit: About Click Labs 3. Our Portfolio Mobile Gaming 4. Mobile Apps Enterprise Internet of Things Chooser Business Forecaster Mess Up Faces VoteChat Platter Bridge Ideal Appetite ImbibiioSpotlogic LabCliq Boombotix BattleAx Bistro Ezymoove 5. ! ! ! ! ! Click Labs Institute is an offshoot of Click Labs. We train individuals in mobile development in line with industry requirements. What sets us apart from regular training institutes is that our students are taught & mentored by professionals with rich experience in mobile app & game development. The trainers are experts in their eld & make sure that the students are industry prepared by the time course ends. ! ! ! Click Labs Institute- An Initiative of Click Labs! ! While working in mobile development, Samar Singla realized that there is a wide gap between knowledge acquired by a student at the end of graduation & the expectations of the industry. Consequently there is an acute shortage of skilled individuals in this industry. To solve these problems he took the initiative to empower the students through CLI training programs. ! ! ! Mission 6. Why CLI??! ! ! Students are mentored by Click-labs technical team which have delivered more than 100 apps successfully running on app stores Advanced lab sessions are provided & project based learning is delivered The training program is a rigorous one with regular class monitoring, home assignments, periodic tests, projects etc. Special personality development, motivation sessions are conducted time to time to improve the personality of students Placement assistance is provided to all the students Certication is provided on successful completion of the course. ! ! ! 7. Click Labs Institute offers training program for in mobile development. We have expertise in this eld like no one else as we provide unparalleled services to our clients across the globe. Our faculty is highly experienced & masters of their eld. The course is highly structured made after extensive research and keeping in mind the industry requirements. So students are exposed to the latest technology and get to work on live projects which enhances their skills at bullet pace ! We offer courses in: ! 1. iOS : Mobile Application Development for apple devices popularly known as iDevices 2. Unity 3D : Game development for mobile, web, gaming devices ! ! Courses Offered Affordable Flexible Industry Specic 8. Maps Apple & Google Maps Databases Sqlite Core Data Text Files NS User Defaults ! Location Services GPS Signicant Location Change ! Background Services Optimisation Memory Managements Code Guidelines ! ! iOS Mobile Application Development- Course Structure Introduction Xcode Simulators iTunes Developer Portal Objective C Naming Conventions Syntax, Class Types Objects , Class Methods NS Array, NS Dictionary NS Data, NS Object UI Elements Introduction & Implementation UI Alert view, UI Text Field UI Label, UI Text View UI Scroll View, etc Gestures Swipe, Pinch, Pan, Long Press, Edge Gesture 9. iOS Course Structure ! Miscellaneous Concepts NS Notication center Protocols & delegates GCD SDKs Facebook Twitter Async ASI HTTP Request Developer Portal Create app IAP Submit app iTunes Live Project - Practical 10. Unity 3D- Game Development Introduction to Game Development Introduction to Unity Power of Unity 3d World Basics of 3D- Vectors 3D Modeling, Photoshop Maya 3Ds Max, etc. Role of Unity Importing 3D Models Associating Models Behaviour Rendering Animations Coding with Unity Basics of Physics User Interface Touch Interface Accelerometer GUI Effects Plugins Code and Design Optimization Finishing of Product Monetization Ad- Networks IAPs Quality Analyzing Basics of Xcode and ADT Live Project- Practical 11. Founding Team Samar Singla Founder and CEO Graduated from IIT Delhi in 2009. Founded Click Labs in 2011 after leaving his PhD at Stanford. Read his incredible story on Quora Chinmay Agarwal Co-founder and CTO Graduated from IIT Delhi in 2009 and got a US patent for his thesis. Joined Click Labs in 2012 after completing his Masters in Robotics from Erasmus Mundus program. At Click Labs, he works on experimental moonshot projects. 12. Let's get ready for the latest tech... Sector 28-B Chandigarh, INDIA Phone: +91-172-319-3206 [email protected] Skype: click.labs