June Breivik: Disruptive Education

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EDEN Anuual Conference 2013, Oslo

Text of June Breivik: Disruptive Education

  • 1. Disruptive EducationOslo 14. juni 2013

2. How do we percieve education? 3. What does it mean to disrupt? 4. Paradigm of education Learning is hard work takes disipline Learning is not fun and play Learning happens at school from 9 to 5 Learning happens in 190 of the 365 days ofthe year Homework enhances learning The teacher is the single most importantfactor for learning 5. Cont. Learning must be controlled and structured You need a curriculum and readinglist You need quality controlled learningmaterial,preferably in the form of a book Classes Schoolbuildings The teacher is the one who knows it all Separation of practical and theoretical subjects 6. Cont. The exam proves that learning has occured 7. NttelitenskolenOne size fits all One teacher One class One subject One lesson Sit-in, synchronous Curriculum Book Testing 8. So what is the disruption? Personal Never ending Collaborative Unexpected Productive Social 9. Thank you for the attention. Twitter: junebre Blog: junebre.blogspot.com Email: junemrb@hotmail.com