How to Make a Vuvuzela Horn - Crafts Ideas For Kids

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  1. 1. Wl'IA'l' YOU NEED : A lon cardboard roll,A plastic cup with like e one around Foil a bottom smaller.than the top Thick paper .. ,, Decorating materials,it you like! HOW I'D MARE = C tth db d ll ' ' aliing iisccgentrga r m . Q3mC cup 3 605.0Wren 0 Cup r V3"3P #i 0 create 3 / if); ,u; ;': I:/ eon the I .. ei cr sated ww)lflcv%l? Ea? e gua 5lace l l i l i i I l li 'i 'i i ll Decorate with stickers,or make stripes with coloured tape. HOW 'l'0 PLAY = Purse your lips,like youve tasted a sour lemon.- fPutthe horn's tip in your mouth. Blow hard!Draw air From your cheeks and mouth,not stomachor diaphragm.Copyright2014 Mocomi & Anibrain Digital Technologies Pvt.Ltd.All Rights Reserved.


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