How Mobile Devices and Social Media have changed the way we interact

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  • How Has Mobile Tech


    The Way we Interact, and our Social behavior

  • This Limited the number of people we could communicate with on a given day

  • because we gave our full attention to the people we

    were with, and the things we were doing

  • the bonds we had were more personal

  • If we wanted to disconnect , all we had to do was walk away

  • But with the advent of the mobile tech that started to


  • Our cell phones allowed us to stay in

    touch no matter where we are, or who we are


  • As time went on we evolved more ways to stay in touch

  • we communicate faster than ever before

  • With this new found convenience we made more connections than ever before

  • How did this change the way we interact?

  • Disconnecting even for a little while became unacceptable

  • it became rude not to reply immediately

    Dividing our attention

  • But when we gave part of our attention to


  • We gave our full attention to no one

  • Furthermore our brains can only

    support about 150 relationships

  • As social media made our social circles bigger and bigger, we began to trade conversation for simply making a connection.

  • As result while we were more connected than ever before,

    and at the same time we never felt more alone

    35% of adults over the age of 45 are chronically


  • Mobile tech have had many positive and negative influences on us

    How it affects you depends on how you choose to use it.

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