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handwriting analysis

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  • 1. Forensics Document Examiner using graphology science(FEDEX)
  • 2. SPONSOR Centre for Personality Assessment and Graphology They provide Training and Services in Handwriting, Signature, Colour, Logo Analysis for recruitment, employee assessment, personality assessment, counseling, business consultation, forensic document examination. 27-Jul-14
  • 3. Overview Problem Statement Introduction to Graphology Literature Survey FEDEX and other system Work Flow Technical Details Bibliography 27-Jul-14
  • 4. Problem Statement Developing a system which will examine document and generate a algorithmic analysis of human handwriting by comparison of different samples of handwriting through image processing algorithms . 27-Jul-14
  • 5. Introduction Graphology History Meaning of Graphology About Graphology. How it works? What can be revealed? 27-Jul-14
  • 6. Continue.. How our system works? Forensics and graphology Other area where it can be used Types of Examinations Handwriting Comparisons ,Ink Examinations, Indented Writing, Alterations, Paper Analysis , Photocopy Analysis ,Typewriting are types 27-Jul-14
  • 7. Grapho Samples 27-Jul-14
  • 8. Literature Survey Research Table 1: The estimated number of graphologists in several developed countries (in 2000), adapted from Bradley, 2005. It is arranged in descending order based on the percentage of graphologists in the active population. 27-Jul-14
  • 9. Continue.. Articles 27-Jul-14
  • 10. FEDEX and other system Sponsors' Requirements Need for FEDEX System Human resource Cost and time Accuracy 27-Jul-14
  • 11. Basic Flow 27-Jul-14
  • 12. Work Flow 27-Jul-14
  • 13. UML Diagram DFD 27-Jul-14
  • 14. Technical Details Front end : -JDK 1.7 -NetBeans 7.1 -Java Web Start(JWS) Back end : -serialization file I/O -Java I/O 27-Jul-14
  • 15. Bibliography Perut Boribalburephan and Boonnatee Sakboonyarat , An Algorithm Development for Handwritten Character Recognition by Personal Handwriting Identity Analysis [PHIA], Knowledge and Smart Technology(KST),2012 TH International Conference, Pages 6-10. Champa H N,K R AnandaKumar, Automated Human Behavior Prediction through Handwriting Analysis,Procedings in integrated intelligent computing(ICIIC),2010 FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE,PAGES 160-165, 2010. Tristan Wright, Handwriting Recognition with Artificial Neural Networks and Open CV. 27-Jul-14
  • 16. 27-Jul-14 Thank you ANY QUESTION ?