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Frankenstein a Modern Myth Analysis

Frankenstein Analysis

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Frankenstein analysis

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  • 1. Frankenstein aModern MythAnalysis

2. Type, Themes, Narrative Structure The Frankenstein documentary is a mixed type of documentary as itincludes a variety of content such as a variety of interviews, archivematerial and actuality footage. The main themes that are portrayed in the documentary are theinterpretation of the text in the different eras, feminism, mythology thatsurrounds Frankenstein and literature. The narrative structure in the documentary is non-linear as it does not followa chronological order instead it goes back and forth in the differentthemes. The documentary is also closed as it does not leave any questionsunanswered, and it's also single stranded as there is only one narrativethread. 3. Camerawork This documentary is a widescreen productionwhich means that the interview set-up is slightlydifferent to a normal interview set up. Because of that the framing of the interviewee isslightly off centre instead of being to the side, but itstill follows the rule of thirds. The interview set up is usually a close-up, mediumclose-up or mid shot which follows the codes andconventions of a documentary. The background of the interviewee is out of focusand the interviewee is in focus, so this make itseems more like a film and it gives a shallow depthof feel. An over the shoulder shot is used when showing theoriginal transcripts, and the background is left indarkness. 4. Mise-En-Scene There is the use of artificial lighting that is ambient so it does not look asharsh and it gives the feel of natural lightening. The background is darker sothat the interviewee or thing discussed is in focus. The background is always relevant to the thing being spoken about. The library of Oxford have been shown as thats where original transcriptsare. 5. Sound There is a voiceover who is a male that speaks in Standard English so it iseasily understood by everyone and so the audience can understand whatis going on. There is also a song playing during the credits which is called Monster Mash. 6. Archive Material There is footage from the Frankenstein Film A lot of back and white film Scenes from making of the book of Mary Shelly Mc Jagger concert Footage of people challenging society- punks Books, paintings, and photographs of the writer 7. Graphics The name of the interviewee with subtitle of relevance to the topic andwho they are, this has been done in a simple font. The title is a graphic design with different fonts.