Final presentation for Social Media for Educator's class

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<ul><li><p>David HoldredgeWVHSSocial Media for Educators</p></li><li><p>Share ideasAnother way to pull students into my lectures/lessonsUse technology inside the classroom in real timeCan flip the classroomFocuses student thought (only 140 characters)Blankets more student reactions in large classesMotivates introvertsInvolves parentsUpdates parents &amp; students immediately</p></li><li><p> Edmodo</p><p>Connect with other creative teachersHelps to go virtually paperless (polls, quizzes, assignments)So helpful when students are absent.</p><p>Great help with visual learnerscreates excitementCreate virtual poster boards that are great for causing interest prior to new lessons or as a unique reviewing application post lesson.</p></li><li><p>Way to bookmark important sites for students doing a research project.Organize your own bookmarks (also much more aesthetically pleasing to the favorites tab).Allows you to find information stored by using tabs.Accessible from any computer linked to the web.</p></li><li><p>Through Twitter (@WVHSAPLit) Ive been able to meet &amp; collaborate with other educators from around the world!I have been made aware of useful sites that I have never heard of before (Glogster, Delicious, Animoto, etc).Through your direction and research, I have better learned how to use sites I have previously been aware ofsuch as Edmodo and Twitter. I have discovered more options to use within my classroom to generate stronger student interest.I have become a better teacher to lead my students. </p></li><li><p>I forced myself to step outside of my comfort zone in taking this class.I had to communicate and prove the need for the classroom Twitter account to my administration in order to use it.Trying to find valuable information &amp; materials from sites (and determine which were free for educators and which were pay).Im still waiting for some sites to accept me (i.e.. The Learning Revolution).Some of the videos that were linked to lessons did not work so I had to search for other means to understand.</p></li><li><p>There is no doubt that educational technology is advancing and students need to learn how to use this technology. (Teachers need to learn, too.)Even though nothing will ever replace the value of having a teacher directly in front of the learner, the future of education is going to deal with on-line learning.Responses to all questions were done in a quick and timely manner.It is very helpful to be able to communicate with my peers and instructor as well as to do so at my own pace.</p></li><li><p>Glogster: Pinterest: Delicious: Twitter: @WVHSAPLit</p></li></ul>