Epistemology: What you know and don't know that you know

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This is something I'm using for my first day of AP Language and Composition.

Text of Epistemology: What you know and don't know that you know

  • 1. Epistemology Dictionary Definition: The philosophical examination of knowledge its nature and its origin. Episteme= knowledge, understanding Logos=study of, word

2. Epistemology Common Vernacular Definition: What you know that you dont know you know. You just jnowyou know? 3. Epistemology Mark Twains Definition: What gets us into trouble isnt what we dont know. Its what we know for sure that just aint so. 4. Epistemology: Theory of Knowledge What is knowledge? What is it to know something? What does it mean to say that a belief is justified? What can we know? 5. Knowledge and Belief We have a vast collection of beliefs, and some are true and some According to a January 2012 are false: Some people believe that astrology can inform us about our futures. Some people believe Week magazine, issue of Thethat aliens from outer space are in contact with human beings. Some people believe that human beings are the product of natural selection Americans believe divine of 46% of and survivalthatthe fittest.a God who created everything and who Some people believe there is cares about us. intervention next human beings will make settlements on Mars is millennium. Some people believe that responsible for before the end of the TimSome people believe thatsuccessmore likely, in the next Tebowsthe humanofbeings are ondestroy the millennium, to deplete earth its resources and the ecosystems on which we depend for our lives. footballsorting: Those beliefs about which we're less certain are field. Sifting andless likely to count as knowledge than those we're more certain of. Are there any beliefs of which we are absolutely certain? 6. Knowledge and Belief Among the things I believe, which are the things I know? Hypothesis: The things I know are the beliefs that are true. Problem: What if I have true beliefs by accident or for incorrect reasons? 7. Why do I need to know this? Better reader Due to a highly tuned bias sensor Better writer Due to the same highly tuned bias sensor mentioned above Better citizen Better level of self-awareness 8. Why do I need to know this? Better Citizen of the World Of course our foolish judgments may be wrong and in many cases they are wrong. People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don't know each other; they don't know each other because they have not communicated with each other (MLK Jr.). If we have always been taught that a specific group of people are lazy, inferior and dishonest, and these alleged truths have been reinforced by both individuals, educational institutions and the communities in which we reside; our knowledge is locked in and we think we now know what we need to know about that group or any other group, race, gender, etc. (The Koi Group). 9. Real-World Examples Water Boy Mayella Ewell in TKM Write down something you mistakenly believed was a truth. Who or what opened your eyes? 10. Where Do I Begin? Ask Yourself: Does my knowledge represent reality as it really is? List one thing you know to be true. How do you know? 11. A Parting Thought. . . "Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, a more humane society will not emerge." Vaclav Havel, former President of Czechoslovakia