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2. TECHNOLOGY IS KEY Technology is key: in expanding educational horizons in creating college and career-ready students in developing life-long learners devoted to relevant teaching in implementing innovative ways to collaborate and participate in the learning experience. 3. STATE OF TECHNOLOGY With over 60% of students preferring to use mobile devices to: check grades, take notes, access textbooks, research, collaborate with peers, to deny such trends to flourish in the school environment would: hinder students academic progression prevent them from learning how to properly use current and evolving tools. 4. INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY While technology may progress and innovations make learning easier, unless teachers put forth the effort to learn and implement such technologies themselves, they will be rendered useless.How to make learning come alive: use Mobile devices augmented reality apps gesture-based computing connecting peers through networked learning 5. LEARNING RESOURCES As technologies expand, so also does the availability of learning resources like: iPad textbooks created by teachers an increase of video-based learning educational gaming (all subjects)With such resources, however, comes the need for: instruction on digital citizenship teaching netiquette internet safety and privacy 6. Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. ~William Butler YeatsTechnology is but a tool in education used to inspire furth learning and self-initiated discovery. 7. PERSONAL LEARNING GOAL With the use of technological innovations rising in teaching trends, my goal in this program is two-fold: to provide relevant teaching for my students through a consistent use of the digital to help me discover new and better ways to implement group work and collaboration through technology 8. CONCLUSION Equipped with a knowledge of expanding digital innovations, changing trends in todays students, and a desire to implement technology to make learning easier, I know this program will place me in a position to be transformational teacher I want to be.

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