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2. n of WBGO! e Octo ber 2011 editioWelcome to th exciting ar a bout someIn this issue we he y events, and cast charitguestexperiences,s. We continue our ur caf team-building in othe Caf Supportople in introd uctions of pe newly -opened caf s.Centre, and we visit two nagingNigel Oakey, our MaWe also hear fromme.Director at D or tos, gre at feedbackIf you have stories, phoin this magazine,hould be anything t hat you think sme! please email-Malleryffees .com mko ons@domeco 3. Nigels NoteIts hard to believe that once again we now have the summer season 2011 on fast-approach. For me it is a favourite time of the year for the Dme caf business. Itsa time when our al fresco areas are thronging and theres life in the cafs all dayfrom dawn until well after dusk.For me personally this year will also be the 10th year that Ive seen the businessenter the summer season. Time has flown by. Summer 2011 is howeververy different to summer 2001. Whilst the front-end of the caf still has thatunmistakable warm European-feel fitout, theres not much in the back end thathas not undergone almost complete change from those early days. From menuingthrough to equipment and operational systems we really are a very differentbusiness which has made a significant positive impact to the growth of the brandand our per-store-average revenues.There are however some fundamentals in hospitality that will never ever change.All the systems, branding and marketing in the world by any company can neverreplace the feeling that a guest has when they are being served in the momentin a Dme caf by an individual team member. How a guest feels in that momentof contact with a Dme frontline team member is the single biggest driver ofwhether they will return themselves or recommend your caf to someone else.Furthermore how a team member themselves feels about the place they workis directly correlated to how they feel about their manager. The inference is thatthose cafs which are full of great team members who feel great about the placethey work are those cafs who give the best service-moments to guests....andwhich in return tend to have the most loyal returning and referring guests. Whenguests love you to bits I like to call them Raving Fans which as youll read inthis episode is exactly how a couple of guests feel about Dme Victoria Park somuch so that a proposal for marriage was made and accepted in the cafe diningroom!Being at the core of success in hospitality, this theme of team and guest engagementis one that I look forward to seeing us increasingly bring to the fore as we buildthe Dme business for its next stage of success. Have a great Spring / Summerand I look forward to seeing you soon!Nigel Oakey 4. Established 1990 Monday, October 17, 2011 $1.30The Dme Times EllenbrookLOVE is in the air family funat Dme Victoria ParkLee-Anne from Ellenbrook shares with us aboutAshleigh and the team at Victoria Park have atheir engagement with the local community. Ourcouple of lovebirds in their caf. Frequent guests customers love the atmosphere - family-friendly,Scott and Meg met at the site four years ago, in with free face painting. We organise this event toits pre-Dme existence as a caf called Farells.take place the third Sunday of each month andThis past May, Scott surprised both Meg and thehave also included live music. We have beenDme team by proposing to Meg in the caf dining lucky to have attracted Courtney Murphy with hisroom! Meg thankfully said yes, and shortly after,baby grand piano! His brother Chris and familythe engaged couple sent this thank-you note andare regulars at the caf. When summer hits wephoto to the caf: will be looking for local talent and we have been in talks with the local high school which has a newly formed band. When their list is large enough to perform hopefully we will get them in. Thanks so much Ashleigh! A pair of local princesses model their painted faces Thank you so much for all of your help. Your staff were just fantastic and really made me feel like a million bucks. I owe you all a great debt of gratitude and your faces and your cafe will forever be etched in my memory as part of our story. Thanks again! I look forward to popping in to see all you guys again to have a cuppa and re- live the night. All the best, Scott and MegsCafe manager Nikki celebrates in theme 5. Established 1990 Monday, October 17, 2011$1.30 Dme supports local charities by Hayley Read, Dme ScarboroughThis past May saw three of our cafs supportingtheir local communities as Dme Bunbury, Geraldtonand Mandurah each hosted a breakfast and awardsceremony for the volunteers of the Foodbank WAprogram, commemorating National Volunteer Week.Foodbank WA is a not-for-profit, charitableorganisation that serves as a link between the foodindustry and over 600 community welfare agencies.The program takes food that would otherwise bewasted and gives it to those in need. Throughthe School Breakfast Program, more than 37,000healthy breakfasts a week are also given to childrenwho would otherwise eat little to no breakfast. Theorganisation is run entirely by volunteers.To recognize and thank these volunteers, the threeDme stores provided free breakfast and a venue forthe awards ceremony. The feedback from the eventshas been extremely positive with the volunteersreportedly overwhelmed by the generosity.Last year the organisation gave 2.3 million kg of foodto welfare agencies and in their 17 years they havesalvaged 25 million kg of food.Those of us who have written a few items on theNewspaper articles from the Bunbury Mailwastage sheet in our cafs will understand howand Geraldton Guardianimportant this program is and Dme is proud to beassociated with the cause.Dme members continue to represent in local sportingevents, with turnouts at three athletic competitionsthis past year. We were graced with photos of our Marathon Madnessfour teams of Nissan BRW Corporate Triathlonparticipants in the last issue. Since then, DmiesWould you like to be part of a Dme team inhave run in the HBF Run for a Reason in May and one of next years events? Lets see how manythe City to Surf Marathon in August.people we can get from our network! The datesfor next years races are as follows:HBFs Run for a Reason consists of a 14k or a 4.5krun or walk and encourages participants to choose a Nissan BRW Corporate Triathlon: Sunday 11cause to run for. March 2012. Consists of a 400m swim, 10kbike, and 4k run.The City to Surf Marathon has a myriad of distancesto choose from. This past August, our own PaulHBF Run for a Reason: Sunday 27 May 2012.Graham received a generous gift as a Secret Santa Choice of 14k or 4.5 k run or walk.present - an entrance in the competition! Other Dmerepresentatives included Eddy Gaskill, CatherineCity to Surf Marathon: Sunday 26 August 2012.Blizard, and Emma McEvoy (the Secret Santa giver).Variety of options. 6. Established 1990 Monday, October 17, 2011$1.30Challenges abound at DmeDme Master Chef: One of Lexies manystaff competitions at Dme FremantleFremantle and HillarysAn incentive program surrounding productknowledge keeps the staff at Dme Fremantlevying for the top prize. At the moment I amrunning a goal of the week program, whichis setting two goals for the cast to achieve,caf manager Lexie says. This weeks goalsare to always have something in your handand to remove all old labels from cambros.We award cast members for outstandingperformance or improvement in those areasby letting them choose a lucky dip prize (movie tickets, dome survivorWelcome to the Dining Roomvouchers, scratchies) and awarding on the spot prizes (freeAttendant Week challenge.drink or cake) for participation. Another of Lexies creativeYour challenge is to collectcompetitions is a series of Dme Survivor challenges, one in all the flags (table numbers)of which is explained below. Lexie says sometimes the and do return checks to gain asstaff initially think the competitions are a little corny, butmany second orders in for yourthey get really into them and its great to see different staff tribe (managers vs staff). Youwill work as a tribe to outwitmembers step up to the challenge. and outplay the other tribe.The tribe with the most secondAt Dme Hillarys, a recent staff meeting included team- orders will gain the jackpotbuilding games as a way of practising good communication. cards. All second orders mustCaf manager Chelsea presented the team with a rope be put through the till witha printed receipt with yourwith one knot in it for each member of the team. Eachname and put in the box by theperson had to grip the rope with one hand, then they hadtill. Good luck. The tribe hasto work together to untie the knots without removing theirspoken.hands from the rope.Reality TV show Survivor takes a Dme spinTeam-building Tangles:Chelsea dares the team members at DmeHillarys to un-knot themselves using cooperation,communication, and of course, humour... 7. Amy Driscoll NEDLANDSCert III in RetailLexie Hopkinson FREMANTLECert IV in RetailTRAINEESHIPS Congratulations to AMY & LEXIEfor achieving their nationally recognisedCertificates III and IV in Retail! If you are interested in undertaking a FREE course, ask your manager! 8. 2. 1. 3. Cairo MaletEric Songcuan Lucinda WilliamsAshleigh RidgewaySCARBOROUGH SCARBOROUGHEASTENDVICTORIA PARK Congratulations to our newestMASTER BARISTAS! Mitchell HattieErin Taffee CANNING VALEMIDLAND 4.Erin MaynardNORTHBRIDGE (previously MIDLAND) 9. MoreMASTER 2. BARISTAS!1.Cairo Malet Gabrielle Leavesley SCARBOROUGHSUBIACOIranthi Fernando SUBIACO4. Francesca Villa & Amy DentSCARBOROUGHDamien Smith CAFE SUPPORT CENTRE(previously SCARBOROUGH) 10. MunMun JahanWESTENDKarla OBrienVICTORIA PARK ...And a few more! Sarah Porter Scott LandersSUBIACOCOTTESLOE 11. It seems a few of our cafs have had the same idea when it comes to cast celebrations... Dme Fremantle charactersLexie and a bunch ofD