Create emails using mail merge

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This presentation shows how to use Microsoft Word and Outlook to send Mail Merge emails


  • 1. 1 This presentation assumes that your Microsoft Word is linked to Microsoft Outlook and has been configured to send email messages. 2 You also need to create and save a list of recipients in Microsoft Excel with the headings Firstname, Lastname and Email address before you start.
  • 2. Click onMailings
  • 3. 1 Click on Start Mail Merge 2 Click on Step by Step
  • 4. Click onE-mail 1Click on 2Next
  • 5. Make sure you have previously saved yourrecipients in an Excel filewith Firstname, Lastname and email address Select recipients
  • 6. Browse for your list on your computer
  • 7. Click on your list and then choose Open1 2
  • 8. A box comes up. Choose OK.
  • 9. Write your letter 1 Click Add 2 greeting
  • 10. Make yourchoices about layout
  • 11. Check the greeting line is there and correct spelling and grammar.
  • 12. 1 Preview lettersand see if all are there 2 Choose Complete the merge
  • 13. Look at thenames and see if they are okay
  • 14. Finish the mergeand press Send
  • 15. Add the subject 1 line and press OK 2
  • 16. Check your Outbox inOutlook to make sure theyhave gone, and sit back and relax!


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