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  1. 1. To locate,create and evaluate by using digital technologyEvaluating internet informationdetermining whether or not the information displayed is true.To evaluate/make information made by technologyWhat is Digital Citizenship?: It describes how a person should act on any type of technology.Using a computer for a report.What is Digital Literacy?To understand information presented on the internet
  2. 2. What can you do to use good digital literacy? What do you do? - compare websites that are helpful for you - search only the information you need - dont use websites that are not true - you can compare websites to see which is bestTutorial Video:
  3. 3. Digital Citizenship: Literacy By: Jake C, Hoyeon C, and Anisa W
  4. 4. Digital Literacy Survey Summary: Have you used microsoft Word for essays or writing projects? Yes21 15%114%Hourly5%1I don't use any of these 64% Other314%23%29%What do you think digital literacy is?14writing on tech 25%17posting on blogs 18%5%Weekly 35I use a combination of the two 15 68%How often do you post on blogs, facebook, or twitter? DailyYes No95%NoDo you texting lingo or proper english on any sort of contacting tech?12playing computer games 7% reading on tech 19%5 13
  5. 5. HELPFUL LINKS:Enhance your digital literacy knowledge here!Digital Citizenship Games: Websites: digitalliteracy/default.mspxDigital Citizenship Programs:
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