Class six english 2nd paper preposition 2

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  1. 1. To
  2. 2. By-
  3. 3. Mr. Mickey is ___________the car.behind Mr. Mickey is _____________ the car.on
  4. 4. Aims and Objectives: By the end of the lesson you will have a)practiced writing and speaking skill. b) Learnt about preposition and their uses. c) Talked about the location of different things using correct preposition.
  5. 5. There is a cow in the field. The old man is fond of tea. The cat jumped off it . Cow in field (Noun) Preposition Noun fond of tea (Adjective) Preposition Noun Jumped off it Verb Preposition pronoun A cat is on a chair
  6. 6. So, preposition is a word that is placed before a noun or pronoun to show its relation with other words in the sentence. Before noun or pronoun Pre means before and position means place Preposition means 'that which is placed before'. Before what..?
  7. 7. The cat jumped ________ the chair.over The sun is _________ the car.above
  8. 8. The boy jumps __________ the pond. A bird is ____________ the car.on into
  9. 9. The dog is walking __________ the The dog is sitting ___________ the car.In/inside
  10. 10. sunsun The earth moves ___________ the sun.round The car is going ___________ the tunnel.through
  11. 11. Mina is sitting ______________ her mother and grandmother. between The man is distributing relief _______ the flood-affected people.among Between two/more individual persons/things Among- more than two persons/things.
  12. 12. The cat is standing ________ the car.behind The cat is sitting ___________ the chair.under A black cat is running _________ the car.In front of
  13. 13. The boy is walking ______________ the stairs. The child is walking _______________ the stairs. down up
  14. 14. Fill in the blanks with preposition from the box. 1. The students are sitting _______ their class room. 2.The teacher entered __________ the classroom hurriedly. 3.Distribute the chocolates ________ the students. 4.The boy jumped ___________ the wall. 5.The roof ________ our head is white washed. on in over by between among above into
  15. 15. Homework: Write ten sentences using the following prepositions. On, over, above, in, into, between, among, behind, in front of, down