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Science Skit Project 4 Jimmy Yuh, Harrison Lee, Alex LeeIf there are images in this attachment, they will not be displayed.Download the original attachment

SciendsdasddsadScene #1 (Harrison, Alex, BS court/basketball court)Harrison/Alex: running/playing basketballAlex: Shoots and missesHarrison: does a lay-upAlex: goes back to checkGets ready to throw but Harrison falls downAlex: runs to him and tries to wake Harrison up, Help! Help!

Scene #2 (Harrison, Jimmy, Back of Mr. Kuhls room/hospital) Jimmy: tells Harry he has pneumoniaJimmy: Its not too bad. All you need to do is eat some fresh fruits, like apples and oranges.Harrison: SMILESJimmy: But some of your symptoms you had were similar to cancer.Harrison: (Gasps)(Cut scene)Harrison: such asScene #3 (8th grade floor)Alex: There are a bunch of symptoms for cancer symptoms include: indigestion, coughing, bowel changes, a lump in any certain spot. Treatments include chemotherapy and surgery to remove the cancerous tissue) Sadly there is no vaccine for cancer.(Harrison show symptoms)Examples: Indigestion, coughingHarrison: Another bad disease is tetanus.Jimmy: You get it when you get a deep cut or something like that, and something like dirt or rust gets in. Tetanus then makes you have uncontrollable muscle spasms which can dislocate your joints and even break your bones.Alex: BUT, there a vaccine that can prevents tetanus. And youve probably had the vaccine taken when you were a child. And in case you dont KNOW what a vaccine is, its immunization for a certain disease.Harrison: Also you should have medical checkups too, ESPECIALLY if youre feeling weird. Checkups help you because, first, its good to know what state your bodys in and, 2nd, if youre feeling weird, you could have a disease.Jimmy: And theres lots of ways to get diseases.Alex: Ever heard of cholera?Harrison: Cholera is a disease you get by drinking or eating something thats been infects that bacterium. Whenever theres an epidemic of choleraJimmy: Like in London, back in 1854Harrison: the most usual source of the epidemic would bewellanimal feces or poop.Jimmy: Symptoms for SEVERE cholera are: watery diarrhea, vomiting, and leg cramps.Alex: This might not seem very life-threatening, but you can get really dehydrated from these symptoms.Harrison: And if youre too dehydrated, you can DIE from dehydration.Alex: So, if you dont want to get cholera, make sure you have a good sewage system, where you live.Harrison: Another bad disease is tuberculosis, or commonly known as TB. TB is a disease that attacks the lungs. It starts as an infection in the lungs. Alex: Tuberculosis spreads through the air when people who are infected with TB cough, sneezes, or spits. Jimmy: In order to prevent TB, public health and vaccines should be noted. Vaccines are available for TB so TB can be prevented. But you dont necessarily need the vaccine thought its highly recommended. Harrison: Because as long as we have good public health care, all of these diseases can be prevented!HERE ARE SOME STATISTICSJimmy: 16% of people under 65 years old dont have insurance. Harrison: 59% of people are only insured because their employers insure them. Alex: 3% of the people under 65 years of age are insured because of their job in the military. Jimmy: 13% of people under 65, are insured because of Medicaid.Harrison: 3% of the people under 65, are insured because of MedicareAlex: And 6% of the people under 65, are insured because of Non-Group Health InsuranceJimmy: Those were just SOME statisticsHarrison: Of how much public health is offered in the community. As you can see, most of them get insurance becauseAlex: Of the place they work! But think about the people who just dont have jobs. Jimmy: This is a reason why public health is just so,ALL: IMPORTANT!All: THANKS FOR LISTENING

Cast ListAlex: Basketball player 1, talker 1Harrison: Basketball player 2, talker 2Jimmy: Doc, talker 3Ian Arzel/Marko Rehbein/Sougata Mitra: Camera crew

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