CAFNR Communications Brown Bag session on Photography 101

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Learn about the basics of good photography including the rule of thirds, clean backgrounds and flattering portraits. Learn easy tips to make your own photos even better.

Text of CAFNR Communications Brown Bag session on Photography 101

  • 1.Welcome!
    Brown Bag Session on Photography 101
    Genevieve Howard
    CAFNR Communications
    August 20, 2010

2. What we will talk about today
Three types of shots: close, medium and wide

  • Horizontal vs. vertical

3. Rule of thirdsElements of composition

  • Clean backgrounds

Get closer, get higher, get lower
Leading lines
Faces, not backs
4. Three types of shots of rope
by Seldom Scene Photography
by mikebaird
by lrargerich
5. Horizontal vs. Vertical
When is it good to use?

  • When subject is wider than tall

6. You need horizontal movement 7. For a sense of spaceWhen is it good to use?

  • When subject is taller than wide

8. You need vertical movement 9. For a sense of focusby Matt Howard
by Matt Howard
10. Rule of thirds
The eye usually moves from left to right, top to bottom, similar to reading.
11. by Genevieve Howard
12. Elements of composition

  • Line: moves the eye through the photo.

13. Shape: defines the edges. Think of silhouettes. 14. Form: the 3-D aspect ofan object. 15. Color 16. Hue (what we think of as the named colors ) 17. Value (lighter or darker) 18. Saturation (intensity) 19. Pattern: repetition of line, shape, form or color. 20. Space: negative and positive.