Are you paying attention Irene?

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A crash course for creativity

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  • 1.A crash course on Creativity Stanford College2nd AssignmentIrene Pateraki

2. A place should make you feel comfortable from the entrance,and I think a fountain, water in general, brings nice feelings 3. Going inside a mall, sometimes you feel anxious, where to go,what to seean open place with good lighting and plants insidemakes you feel more comfortably 4. One of the shopsI m a goodcustomerAs I have noticed, I likestores with clothes whereclothes are separatedaccording to colors as well ascasual and for specialoccasions clothes! Its easierfor me like that to find whatIm looking for.Nice shoes. 5. What am I lookingfor?I also like the shops where Ican look whatever I want andask for help when I want!Dont you also like howclothes are on shelves ? Andlight on the shop? 6. And proposals.So if you want to buy a blackcostume, here they give you thechance to accompany it with theright shoes, bag and shirt!Everything easy, dont need tospend lots of time lookingaround 7. A store for thehousethatwelcomes you!I really found out that anopen door really invites youto the storeI feel morereluctant to enter a store byopening a doorAnd the light here great aswell! To allow you see everysingle detail of the objects!As for objectsnot manyputin a right orderhelp you findwhat you are looking for! 8. Red:a color that in market means something good for buyers! Eithersales or reduction in prices! So here 20% off and shoes at a great displaywait for you to choose the right ones! 9. Here color plays an important role! Everything is separatedaccording to colorpositive attitude, lots of colors, make you feelso happy and you want to buy them all in all colors! 10. More colors.A typical super market with so niceand fresh fruits. The sales personput some fresh fruit behind me andI dont know what to chooseThe display is nicemaybe if it wasme..I would make a better canvascombiningthe colors andshapesIm creative, dont youbelieve me???? 11. Salami area SOSIts salami areabut I find itconfusingI prefer fruits areato tell you the truthSome are in display in frontsome in a fridge behind andnobody is there to helpmemaybe I will go back tofruits 12. ServiceOk its not the most creativework but a good smile or ashort chat makes you feelwelcomed, even when youexit the store.She was bored 13. Easy and SmartI had never seen before that Icould order by myself abook? Can you imagine? Ishould observe better nexttime!!! 14. Books displayed in categories, easy to search and if you need helppeople in orange can help! 15. Who says that a security man is there only for security reasons? Asmiley man welcomes the people and give directions! Greatsurprise and really a plus for the store! 16. Why am I avoidingit?Today I understood why Iavoidthis storeItsdark..very dark inside, nogood lighting, dark floor andsales person dressed onblackI suppose Im not thatkind of person! 17. Can you feel like being close to the sea in a department store? Yes, if you have acoffee in a coffee shop with an aquarium in frontso relaxing to have a drink,talk to your friends and watch the fish swimmingreally refreshing idea! 18. No happy peopleWaiting in a line to ask for aservice?No way, the man in whitejacket was looking reallyfurious going up and downbut what to expect from onlyone sales person? 19. No doors at all! You are all invited! Shoes in front, clothes behind!Modern look, really interesting approachmany nice things that Iwould like to buy!!!! 20. Isnt it wonderful? A toy store but its for old and young children!Havent you noticed the two doors in the entrance, one small for kidsand one bigger for parents! As for the colors insideblue makes medream. 21. Dont you feel confused to find what you are looking for? Whereare the boots, the high-heels or the flat shoes? Couldnt they putthem in a better order? 22. And as its time to leave the mall, there is a great flower shop in theentrance, so many colors and a really attentive sales womandontneed to mention the great smell of the flowersthe smell is still in mynose! 23. And somethingdifferent.A woman selling jewelry andgoldfish outside the mallIdont think that these twojobs can be combinedbuthere it is where creativitycomes! 24. Conclusion?Yes the truth is that we neverreally observe what weseewe should spend somemore time on observationthoughThe stars up close to themoon were pale; they gotbrighter and braver thefarther they got out of thecircle of light ruled by thegiant moon Ken Kesey, One Flew Overthe Cuckoos Nest