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A presentation at the AARG conference 22/09/2011 on the development of an archaeology Method Store

Text of Archaeology Method Store

  • 1. Show us your working: an archaeology method store
    Anthony Beck & David Stott
  • 2. Background
    During AARG 2010 a Method Store was discussed
    This went viral with support from a number of international institutions/people:
    Open Knowledge Foundation
    Council for British Archaeology
    English Heritage
    3d heritage
    This is its story.....
    sorry mainly text and a few pickies
  • 3. Show us your working
    Knowledge industries are undergoing fundamental change.
    • Research/Policy/Management is becoming ever more open and collaborative.
    The boundaries are blurring between the formal and informal
    • The traditional power/organisational structures are sometimes no longer relevant
    • 4. As demonstrated y the Western Poland case study
    Greater access/transparency is demanded of publically funded research and knowledge.
    • The ClimateGate scandal at UEA in 2009.
    • 5. The Big Society
    • 6. Open Data (dot) Gov