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<ol><li> 1. Go to View &gt; Header &amp; Footer to edit July 4, 2013 | slide 1 RSCs Stimulating and supporting innovation in learning Apps for Teaching &amp; Learning Insight 2013: Blend IT, Mix IT, Flip IT! Martin Cooke, ILT Advisor </li><li> 2. Aims Introduce you to the apps Mostly Apple Mention Windows Show some examples and demonstrate the features Opportunity for hands-on Questions and discussion </li><li> 3. iBook iBook is a great way of accessing your docs on the iPad. Convert Word docs to pdf and upload to iBooks. </li><li> 4. iPad folders Organize your apps with folders tap and briefly hold on any app to enter editing mode where the apps appear to shake or dance Drag and drop one app on top of another. iOS will try to guess a name for the folder, but you can choose a different name as needed. organize apps by task (podcasting, QR code scanning), topic (math, reading), or intended users (art class) You can have up to 20 apps in a folder on the iPad </li><li> 5. varieties of tools ebooks SMS polling Speech recognition Drawing apps for building e-portfolio Google maps and GPS, Google earth Evernote Wifi or blutooth work to computer Powerpoints as jpgs or pdfs access on mobiles Record audio ideas, comments, feedback Creativity annotation app, a screencasting app, an audio creation app, a video creation app </li><li> 6. ideas for activities Record lesson and upload it as audio or podcast. Share link Share your number - Ls message Qs while reviewing lesson Ask a Q - Ls use phones to find the answer Create short lists of salient points, eg history dates, exam hints, short summaries, etc share via messaging 5 mins study using Google maps before quiz Daily vocabulary: send flashcards with a new word and definition. </li><li> 7. ideas for activities: design Strip Designer to create the front cover Creative Book Builder to create an ebook with instructions and videos iMovie to plan film and edit an advert Garageband to compose a jingle iPad camera for pictures for a brochure (ebook) using Creative Book Builder, viewed in iBooks Number to create a spreadsheet to calculate costs </li><li> 8. ideas for activities: MFL VoiceThread to record students speaking, or create a collaborative discussion Animoto for a student presentation on vocabulary Socrative for a quiz Explain Everything to create a grammar tutorial </li><li> 9. searching for apps </li><li> 10. whiteboard apps </li><li> 11. Show Me community Show Me </li><li> 12. avatars: Crazy Talk uses sound and text to animate facial images import images, specify the facial features record your voice automatically generates lip-syncs to create videos for beginners, students, and all Easy to create with instant results </li><li> 13. </li><li> 14. Way to Go Anywhere food, services. Put in your location and see what comes up. </li><li> 15. resources on the RSC Moodle Accessibility courses Xerte for beginners Resources from Accessibility Forums esafety webinars </li><li> 16. BYOD and Flipped Learning Bring Your Own Device Creating Flipped Learning Resources </li><li> 17. JISC RSC Toolbox available for loan o Wireless keyboard and mouse o USB camcorder o MyStudyBar on a pen drive o Digital keyring - for reminders o Digital pen for recording notes with synced audio o voice recorder with integrated speech recognition o Games console with educational software o Electronic Dictionary Bookmark o iPad 1 A laptop loaded with Windows 7 and specialist software </li><li> 18. July 4, 2013 | slide 32 Insight 2013 All the resources from the Insight series: Hosted on the RSC East Midlands Moodle platform All the recordings of the online webinars are now available </li><li> 19. email: RSC Moodle </li></ol>