Apps in the Classroom: Making teaching and learning more fun!

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Using apps for iPads in the classroom is a great way to engage students in learning. This is a collection of apps that I have found helpful in the classroom. The prices are subject to change and the app icons include links to iTunes where the apps can be purchased.


  • 1.Apps in the Classroom:Making teaching and learning moreFUN!Melanie Place, MS, CCC-SLPBerkeley County Schools Geek Week

2. iPad Shortcuts To take a screenshot, simultaneously holddown the Home button and Lock button forabout a second. A screenshot will appear inyour camera roll. To go back to the Home screen, pinch togetherfour or five fingers. To use the Multitasking Gestures they must beactivated under the General section of thesettings. 3. iPad Shortcuts To swipe between open apps, place fourfingers on the screen and slide the screen tothe right or left. To see all the apps that are open, push theHome button two times OR use four fingers topush the screen up. This also reveals theMultitask bar displaying apps that are open. To delete an app, touch the app until it beginsto wiggle then hit the small x to delete theapp from your device. 4. iPad Shortcuts To close apps that are open, either press theHome button twice or swipe up with fourfingers to reveal all the open apps in theMultitasking bar. Then hold down an open appfrom the bar at the bottom until it begins towiggle. Touch the small red circle that appearson that app to close it. When you are finishedclosing apps, press the Home button once tostop the wiggling. Use four fingers againswiping down to close the bar. 5. iPad Shortcuts The side switch beside the volume controlscan be used as a Mute button or Lock screenrotation. Change this in the General settingsmenu. To download a previously purchased app thatgot deleted, go to the App Store and searchunder Purchased. Touch the cloud to reinstalldeleted apps. 6. iPad Shortcuts To use zoom on pages without the pinchfeature to zoom, turn on Zoom in the Generalsettings under Accessibility. Double-tap three fingers to zoom. Drag three fingers to move around the screen. Double-tap three fingers and drag to changezoom. 7. Reinventing Worksheets Take photos of worksheets usingthe iPads camera. It saves to theCamera Roll. Create photo albums for differentsubjects or topics. Math Science ELA 8. Apps to use with worksheetsDoodle Buddy Picture Flash CardsFeatures:FREEMany different drawing tools.Lots of colors to select.The thickness of the line can bechanged.Different stamps available withsounds.Can type on pictures using keyboardwith different fonts.Can use provided templates orpictures from Camera RollEasy to clear and correct mistakes.Features:$2.99Does not save photos to Cameral Rollso you arent sharing with all of yourdevices.Can create labels and categories forphotos or worksheets.Choose form 3 different colors andline widths. 9. Classroom Tools Tools that can make teaching alittle more enjoyble. Click app icons to access the appsiTunes page. This is a small sample of ones thatI find helpful. Below is a link to aninfographic by Tony Vincent thatgoes more indepth.iPad as the TEACHERS PET 10. Classroom ToolsDropbox CloudOnFeatures:FREEAble to access files that areuploaded from any computer ordevice.Stores 2GB of information at noadditional charge.Can view many video, music, andimage files.Can store and view Powerpoint,Excel, PDF, Word documents,webpages, and text documents.Features:FREEAble to create or edit Word,Powerpoint, and Excel files withoutchanging the format.Pulls stored files from Dropbox,Google Drive, Box, or SkyDrive.Can email files for easy printing andstoring. 11. Classroom ToolsCommon CoreMiss Wards Classroom Ideas:Collaborative LearningFeatures:FREEGreat reference for CommonCore objectives divided intoSubjects and then Grade levels.Additional resources tab thatprovides documents that betterexplains the CC and how it canbe used with ELL and SPEDstudents.Features:FREE29 different activities that can beincorporated into your lessons thatencourage collaborative learning.Each activitiy gives step by stepinstructions for implementation.You can keep track of yourfavorites with the Favourite tag atthe top. 12. Classroom ToolsMindMapper PercentallyFeatures:FREEFor word or idea mappingEasy to add parent and child ideas tobasic topic.Can add pictures from files or takephotos to add to map.Add notes to maps as well.Capability of printing and emailingmap.Can store and share with dropboxSeveral different styles of mapsavailable.Features:$2.99Can add multiple groups and multiplenames.Easily edit names and labelsCan tally with correct/incorrect andgives percentage.Email tally information to storerecords.Not available as an iPad app but canbe enlarged for use on iPad. 13. Classroom ToolsDecide Now! HAT by Cool ClassroomFeatures:$.99Fun wheel that can be edited tomeet your needs.Use in Language Arts, games, orwhatever else you can think of.Change colors and number ofspaces available.Able to email wheels.Features:$.99Can edit list and use dropdown toselect list.Shake to draw a random item orname from the hat.Has a Secret Bunny motivator aswell which you determine thefrequency of his appearance.Fun way to draw names 14. Using QR Codes QR stands for QUICK RESPONSE. Companies use QRs to promote their productsand now you can use them to engage yourstudents in their learning. When you scan the QR code it provides youwith more information. A QR code can open aweb browser to a website, display a picture,play music, or start a video. Sean Sweeney of explainedthem as high-tech hide and seek. 15. QR Code Generator Kaywa is a website to generate FREE QR codes.You can create codes linked to websites, text,or pictures. It is incredibly easy. Just enter the information you want to appearwhen the code is scanned and generate thecode. Use static codes for items that you aregoing to print. Right click to save as an image or copy to putin a document. 16. Scanning a QR Code To scan a QR to produce an image, text, orwebsite in your classroom you will need adevice with a camera to scan the QR and aprogram that reads QRs. There are a fewoptions: Scan from mobile device (iPod or smart phone)using a downloaded QR app and the devices camera Scan from a tablet (iPad, Kindle, etc.) using adownloaded QR app and the devcies camera Scan from a laptop or desktop computer using awebsite (Qreader) and a webcam 17. Apps you will need for QRsScan RedLaserFeatures:FREEUse this app for scanning QRcodesUses the devices camera toscan QRs or barcodesFeatures:FREEUse this app for scanning QRcodesScans barcodes and UPCs aswell 18. Ways to use QRs in theclassroom Sequencing activities: Sequence events from a story orsteps to complete an equation using QR codes. Extended learning: Create QR codes for extra creditactivities or websites to expand on the lesson. Interactive Displays: Make bulletin boards interactivewith QR codes. Place around the school for a virtualschool quide. Scavenger hunt: You can hide different QRs throughoutthe school or class and have the students scan the QRsto figure out a topic or make inferences. To generate multiple QRs for a scavenger hunt useClassroom Tools: QR Code Treasure Hunt. It allowsyou to enter in multiple questions and answers togenerate many QRs for an activity. 19. Ways to use QRs in theclassroom Put a QR code in the back of a book linked to a webresource about that topic or online resources for thatauthor. Use QR codes to allow student to create their ownadventures. At the end of a passage the student getsthe choice of two QR codes. Whichever one theychoose decides how the story continues. Homework Helpers: Add QR codes to homework sheetsso parents and students can access websites that canhelp explain a concept or how to solve an equation. 20. Other Apps to use in theClassroomTalking Character Apps (Talking Larry the Bird)Features:Repeats everything you say. Also fun ways tointeract with the characters.Students can practice reading to the character forauditory feedback on their fluency skills.Students can practice phonics skills with thecharacter.Great for providing auditory feedback.Must speak in shorter sentences, not a longmemory on these appsPrices range from FREE to $1.99 21. Apps by Textbook Companies McGraw-Hill Education Company Apps for all subjects Everyday Math apps & fun grammarand vocabulary apps iBooks also available Prices vary but the Everday Math andReading/LA apps frequently go FREE. 22. Apps by Textbook Companies Houghton Mifflin Harcourt iBooks available Apps for Math and Reading/LA HMH app is a collection of booksdivided by grade levels from the Journeyseries. The app is FREE but you mustpurchase the book packages. 23. Apps by Catalog Companies Catalogs are starting to develop appsbased on their popular sellingproducts. Here are a few links tocatalogs that I know develop apps: Lakeshore Learning Super Duper Publications Attainment Company Linguisystems Pearson 24. More Apps for the ClassroomJumbled Sentences Story Lines for SchoolFeatures:FREE6 different leveled apps with 3levels in each appFind the level your studentsneed.Auditory feedback of words andfun design.Features:FREEFocus is to help develop newvocabulary and concepts that aregrade appropriate.Divided into levels: Elementary,Intermediate, Quotes, or SATwords.It is the telephone game forvocabulary words 25. More Apps for the ClassroomThe Opposites Mad LibsFeatures:$1.99Fun game to practice antonyms.Difficulty increases with eachlevelChallenging game of speed andcomprehensionFeatures:FREEFocus is grammar by tellinghumorous stories.Select from 21 different storieswith the option to buy more.If you cant think of a word for thecategory, tap HINTS for a slidingselection of words for that group. 26. Apps for English Language Learners(ELL)There are a huge amount of apps intended to help otherslearn the English language. These apps teachvocabulary, grammar, and listening comprehensionskills . Students who struggle in these areas can benefitfrom ELL apps. You can find different levels to meetyour students needs. Here are a few: 27. Other Apps to use in theClassroomBitsboardFeatures:FREECollection of flashcards created by other users oryou can create your own from pictures or clipartHundreds of topics including foreignlanguages, states & capitals, and counting moneyAfter you download or create a card set, you canchoose how to use them: flashcards, phototouch, true or false, pop quiz, matchup, reader, word builder, spelling beeLots of classroom applications 28. More Apps for the ClassroomVocabulary Spelling City FriendzyFeatures:FREEFun games to practice spellingand vocabulary.Create your own list from theirwebsite and students canconnect to your page to playgames on their devices.Available upgrade for a yearlysubscription price.Features:FREEStudents can play quiz gamesagainst others in their class orchildren from other places.A HUGE amount of differentFriendzy games including for eachgrade.Multiple levels in the subjectFriendzy. 29. Game AppsIt is no secret that most children (and adults) love to playgames. They can be used as a great motivator in theclassroom. Have the students sling a bird or take a turnafter they answer correctly. Here are a few that mystudents enjoy playing: 30. EDMODO Safe website for teachers to communicate with their students andparents. Teachers can post assignments, answer homework questions, andpromote class discussions. Students can play educational apps directly on the website. Students cannot communciate with other students privately, so allconversations are visible to the teacher. The site also has mobile versions for iPads and iPods. FREE 31. Thank you for attending my session. Ihope you found this information usefulin your classroom.If you have any questions please emailme at