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In his inaugural address he outlined an agendaagenda for the American people.• List of things to List of things to


Jefferson was the first Jefferson was the first President to be President to be inaugurated in inaugurated in

Washington DC.Washington DC.

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Government must play a smaller role in the lives of the American people.

1. Reduce taxes!!

2. Cut the size of the military. Army went from 12,000 to 3,000 troops

3. Cut the size of the federal bureaucracy.1. The departments and workers that make up

the federal government.

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“The sum of good government is a wise and economic government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another,

shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it

has earned”Thomas JeffersonFirst Inaugural AddressWednesday, March 4, 1801

Thank you, Tom!

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Because he didn’t want to come off as a king:

• Desired to be called “Mr. President.”

• He refused to give speeches to Congress.

• Wore Casual clothing.

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Within the first three years of

Thomas Jefferson’s

presidency, he faced

controversy over appointments to

the Judicial Branch.

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This Act would fill in the missing details:1 Supreme Court3 Circuit Courts13 District Courts

The Supreme Court will settle disputes between state and federal laws.

The Constitution is vague on The Constitution is vague on the role of the judicial branch.the role of the judicial branch.

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In 1803, a Supreme Court case would build upon the Judiciary Act.

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Before leaving office, President Adams appointed new judges.

He didn’t want Jefferson to have this opportunity.

As the new president, Jefferson told his Secretary of State, James Madison, not to deliver Adams’ appointments.

Jefferson was furious Jefferson was furious about these about these


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Marbury sued Madison demanding that the courts permit him to take his position.

William William MarburyMarbury

James James MadisonMadisonOne of President Adams One of President Adams

appointments, William appointments, William Marbury, was to be the new Marbury, was to be the new Justice of the Peace in the Justice of the Peace in the

District of Columbia.District of Columbia.

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The court turned down Marbury’s lawsuit stating that a portion of the Judiciary Act was ‘unconstitutional.’

The Judicial Branch can review any laws of Congress, Executive Orders, or state laws the Court believes are ‘unconstitutionalunconstitutional.’

John Marshall, another John Marshall, another Adams appointment, Adams appointment,

served as Chief Justice served as Chief Justice for 34 years and presided for 34 years and presided

over over Marbury vs. Marbury vs. MadisonMadison..

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Although Jefferson reversed much of what the Federalists had done, he let the Bank of the United States continue to function knowing that its twenty-

year term was going to expire.

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Because Thomas Jefferson’s programs made him extremely likable, he would be elected to serve as

president for a second term.

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Jefferson’s greatest political rivals.Aaron Burr (Jeffersonian-Republican)

and Alexander Hamilton (Federalist) were political enemies.

Burr heard that Hamilton had published some "despicable opinion“ about him and challenged Hamilton to a duel.

If Hamilton refused or apologized, he would lose his honor.

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The two men met at Weehawken Heights, New Jersey, a popular dueling grounds, on July 11, 1804.

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With one shot, Aaron Burr fatally wounded the leader of the Federalist Party and wrecked his own

political future.

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Burr would never go to trial, but say later in his life that “I should have known the world was wide

enough for Hamilton and me.”

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Americans could purchase huge plots of land from the U.S. Government.

These territories west of the Appalachians would become future states.

Farmers would use the land for their crops.

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How is it that the interior farmers get their crops to the market?

• The Mississippi River through the port of New Orleans.

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James Monroe was sent to Paris to purchase New Orleans for $10 million.

Napoleon refuses to sell New Orleans.

Needing the money, he sold the rest of the Louisiana Territory for $15 million.

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The Purchase adds 828,0002 miles to the U.S.• Roughly 4 cents an acre.

Jefferson, a Strict constructionist, knew that the Constitution did not mention the purchase of foreign lands using public money.

Despite his thoughts, he pushed Congress to approve the Purchase.

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Congress finances an expedition to explore the lands of the Louisiana Territory.• Their goal is to find a

water route to the Pacific Ocean.

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark depart on the 8,000 mile expedition

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A French-Canadian fur trapper and his wife, Sacajawea, assist the men on their journey.

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8,000 mile journey into the unknown.8,000 mile journey into the unknown.

Survival was not guaranteed.Survival was not guaranteed.• Hostile Native Americans?Hostile Native Americans?• DiseaseDisease• Animal attacksAnimal attacks• LostLost• StarvationStarvation• Harsh weatherHarsh weather

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The successful expedition lasted for two years and four months.

This expedition would set the stage for future westward migration of Americans.

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During Jefferson’s second term the Embargo Act mad him an unpopular president. Today, Jefferson’s

legacy remains.