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2 Symbolism

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  • 1. SThings a map wont show youCloud Busting By Tara June Winch

2. Symbolism in a textLearning IntentionS To be able to definesymbolismS To be able to recognisesymbols, in the shortstory Cloud BustingSuccess CriteriaS I can define symbolismS I can recogniseexamples of symbolismin the text 3. Key VocabularyS IndigenousS symbolismS symbolsS objectS image 4. Hook 5. GKR ActivityWhat doesthe title tellme?What do Ipredict thetext will beabout?What canthe picturestell me?What do Ialready knowabout thistopic?Whatwords doI expectto see?Whatimages cometo mind?What will Ido as Iread?S In table groups, discusswhat symbolism isS Create your owndefinition of symbolism record it in your book 6. What is a symbol?S A thing that represents or stands for something else Images Google Images 7. What is symbolism inliterature?S symbolism refers to using specific symbols to helprepresent something else, whether it is an idea or quality the different symbols allow readers to better understandand interpret a piece of work 8. Symbolism example inliteratureS To develop symbolism in their work, a writer utilises other figures ofspeech, like metaphors, similes, as tools.S Example: We find symbolic value in Shakespeares famous monologue inhis play As you Like It:S All the worlds a stage,And all the men and women merely players;they have their exits and their entrances;And one man in his time plays many parts,S The above lines are symbolic of the fact that men and women, in thecourse of their life perform different roles. A stage here symbolizes theworld and players is a symbol for human beings. 9. Symbolism in 8 Steps*Information sheet 10. Read AloudS Using the HRLTP Read Aloudstrategy, we will read CloudBusting togetherS Remember the rules ofreading aloud both as thereader and the listener?S Lets take a few moments tofamiliarise ourselves with thestory 11. ActivityS While reading the story, use post it notes to mark theexamples of symbolismS Once reading is finished, share the examples ofsymbolism you located with your table groupS Record these examples in your book and choose oneexample to explain 12. ReviewS My definition ofsymbolism is S One example ofsymbolism from thestory is S The learning actions Iused today were

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