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Asian Symbolism

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Asian Symbolism. Oriental Painting. Chinese painting began 2,000 years ago Artists painted on silk or paper Used brush and ink Painted from memory. Oriental Painting. Hand Scrolls – rolled up. Read right to left. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Asian Symbolism

  • Asian Symbolism

  • Oriental PaintingChinese painting began 2,000 years agoArtists painted on silk or paperUsed brush and inkPainted from memory

  • Oriental PaintingHand Scrolls rolled up. Read right to left.Hanging Scrolls vertical. Primarily seasonal landscapes. Read from bottom to top.Album Leafs small nature paintings. Bound together in book form.

  • DragonGood luckImperial PowerEternityRain created when two dragons fight

  • Dragon FeaturesHead of a MonsterBody of a SnakeScales of a FishClaws of an Eagle

  • More Dragons

  • CalligraphyPractical writing technique for Chinese charactersUnique art formUses brush and ink

  • Calligraphy

  • GeishaSkilled servantFemale Entertainer

  • Geisha

  • Koi FishColorfulWealthDomestic harmony

  • Koi Fish

  • PhoenixMystical BirdGood Luck omen

  • Phoenix

  • KimonoTraditional Oriental costumeDesigned to match the season or occassion

  • PagodaOdd numbers good luckRoofs turned upward to deflect evil spirits

  • Thunder SpiralDecorative BorderInterlocking design

  • Tiger or LionCourageStrengthCunning

  • Mountains and MistAlive with inner forceDragon liarsMist and cloudsHourney through life read bottom to

  • Yin YangGood and evil forces in the universe

  • PandaPlayful innocence

  • TortoiseLongevity

  • Lotus BlossomPuritySummerWater Lily

  • ChrysanthemumEverything occurring in its proper timeTriumph and longevity of man

  • CraneDignityBeautyLong marriage

  • ButterflyFreedomProsperitySuccess

  • Plum BlossomCourageHopeFeminine Beauty