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  • 1. Brooke WalkerProfessor KlinkowsteinHow Your iPad Could Be Hurting Your Health http://www.bbc.com/ capital/story/ 20130819-injuriousipads

2. Brooke WalkerProfessor KlinkowsteinMul$pleuseoftechnologycanbedamaging. 3. Brooke WalkerEffects Neck Pain and back pain Eyesight troubles Wrist and nger pain Women vs. MenProfessor Klinkowstein 4. Brooke WalkerSocial Circumstance Libraries Dorm rooms Classrooms/Lecture halls Student Lounges Dining AreasProfessor Klinkowstein 5. Brooke WalkerEthnographic Research ObservationsNick playing a gameProfessor Klinkowstein 6. Brooke WalkerProfessor KlinkowsteinEthnographic Research Observations Heads down Multitasking Index Finger Unaware of surroundings 7. Brooke WalkerProfessor KlinkowsteinEthnographic Research Findings What do you use it for? Games Reading Using apps Taking quick notes Researching Social Networks Video Chatting 8. Brooke WalkerEthnographic Research ObservationsKatie ReadingProfessor Klinkowstein 9. Brooke WalkerProfessor KlinkowsteinEthnographic Research Findings How does it compare to using a laptop or other devices? Easier to carry around Can use different apps Touch Screen 10. Brooke WalkerProfessor KlinkowsteinEthnographic Research Findings How often do you use it? At least once a day In class 11. Brooke WalkerProfessor KlinkowsteinEthnographic Research Findings What are the pros? Convenient Interactive Battery Life Video Chatting 12. Brooke WalkerProfessor KlinkowsteinEthnographic Research Findings What are the cons? Lacks full size keyboard No USB Support Cant connect as disk drive without apps Cant drag and drop les 13. Brooke WalkerProfessor KlinkowsteinDiagonals_ Visual Research 14. Brooke WalkerArcs_ Visual ResearchProfessor Klinkowstein 15. Brooke WalkerProfessor KlinkowsteinIrregular Shapes_ Visual Research 16. Brooke WalkerProfessor KlinkowsteinMonochromes_ Visual Research 17. Brooke WalkerNeutrals_ Visual ResearchProfessor Klinkowstein 18. Brooke WalkerProfessor KlinkowsteinGrids_ Visual Research Brooke Walker Professor Klinkowstein 19. Brooke WalkerHigh Key_ Visual ResearchProfessor Klinkowstein 20. Brooke WalkerLow Key_ Visual ResearchProfessor Klinkowstein 21. Brooke WalkerColor_ Visual ResearchProfessor Klinkowstein 22. Brooke WalkerProfessor KlinkowsteinBlack and White_ Visual Research 23. Brooke WalkerProfessor Klinkowstein Usingspokeninputtocreate3Dscansof objectslargeandsmallforthepurposeof architecturalmodelmaking.This4x5deviceis alsocapableofshowingthearchitectural modelsasholographicimages. 24. Brooke WalkerProfessor Klinkowstein 25. Brooke WalkerProfessor Klinkowstein 26. Brooke WalkerProfessor Klinkowstein 27. Brooke WalkerProfessor Klinkowstein 28. Brooke WalkerProfessor Klinkowstein 29. Brooke WalkerProfessor Klinkowstein