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  • 1. Stakeholder Name: Ricardo Hoyos Age: 23 Profile: Design student from Bogot, Colombia. He is searching for jobs; he has just passed the first step of the employment process in a very famous restaurant of the city. During the interview we went to this restaurant to finish all of the requirements in order to start working. Process in which, by the way, they contemplate a stage of preparation, which in this case is going to be erased, and Ricardo is going to start working tomorrow 6 of august. What Ricardo Said: To find a job is a competition Jobs are not well paid for juniors There are not enough opportunities Each work demands experience even in an early stage It explains high levels of young unemployment Do: He seeks a job in concordance with his career He needs money so he did the selection process on the restaurant He accepts conditions even with less benefits I infer that Ricardo Feels: Anxious Insecure Worried Little optimist Frustrated Threatened This context may tempt to contemplate that he thinks that: The money spent on his education is not worth The system doesnt absorb his capabilities He thinks his dreams and expectations are far away He is not accepting the job he should in order to grow in his profession. Keeping human centered design in this context we assume that Ricardo is the stakeholder, now assumed like a young graduated. He needs skills, coaching, company, guidance, planning, opportunities, help, support, advice, etc. Then we infer that: YOUNG GRADUATES NEED ACCOMPANIMENT IN THEIR EARLY STAGE BECAUSE THEY ARE LOSING THEIR WAY BY LOSING OPPORTUNITIES
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