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The rise of FrankensteinFrankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, by Mary Shelley, was first published in 1818 in London Critical reception to the novel was low, but the novel was an immediate popular success By 1823, the book had already been interpreted as a play - Presumption; or The Fate of Frankenstein, by Richard BrinsleyPeake Many theatrical renditions followed throughout the 19th century

1910 - The first film adaptation of the tale was done by Edison Studios. The 16 minute silent film was thought to be lost until it was rediscovered in 1980.

More Variations

Frankenstein as superhero, in the DC comic book series

The video game, Fable II, contains a quest where a character named Victor is on a quest to reanimate the body of a dead woman.

And more

Frankenstein, as celebrity spokesman?

As political activist?

Now to find out how it all startedFor homework: Read Letters 1-4 and Chapter one of Mary Shelleys Frankenstein Left: Steel engraving for frontispiece to the revised edition of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley in 1831.