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  • wirelessB r o a d b a n d s o l u t i o n s

  • AmericAn internAtionAl rAdio, inc. (Air)

  • Wireless Broadband Solutions

    Wireless networks can be a highly cost-effective alternative to traditional leased lines. Moreover wireless provides a high degree of flexibility, allowing networks to be easily expanded or even re located.

    Whether you need a WiFi coverage inside a government facility, a mesh network for video surveillance of critical areas from a city or a connection between two sites, AIR has the capacity and competence to provide a wide range of equipments and solutions for wireless broadband communications.

    Wireless networks enable advanced applications that improve operations among and within departments. In a growing number of agencies, wireless cloud computing is also on the horizon, with web-based applications being delivered all the way to the network edge via technology such as Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint wireless networks, WLANs and wireless user devices.

    Wireless broadband networks are demonstrating their high level of reliability and performance in a wide variety of public and private applications. Add these to fast, simple deployment and exceptional cost savings, and the result is that wireless broadband networks are the basis for a paradigm shift in global communication solutions.

    High-speed communications

    technologies have dramatically and

    permanently changed the way we

    communicate. Constant connectivity

    to voice, video and data is essential

    for living and working today.

    GenerAl overview

    The AIR WiBB DifferenceThe most important part of our corporate mission is to identify customer needs, provide innovative products and deliver wireless broadband solutions of the highest quality, from simplest PTP connectivity to complex and mission-critical networks.

    About AIRAMERICAN INTERNATIONAL RADIO (AIR) is a privately held, premier technology company, a major International Motorola Distributor and System Integrator providing Professional Radio Communication Solutions and Mobility & IT Applications for the following markets: Public Safety, Government, Commercial, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Mining, Transportation, Public Utilities, Airports, Harbours, Municipalities, etc.

    AIR is recognized as the Largest Motorola Distributor in EMEA. We are a System Integrator providing Professional Communication Solutions by developing software and hardware, customized Mobility & IT applications and solutions, and enhancing the functionality of standard products.

    The successes we have enjoyed over the years comes as a direct result of AIRs team efforts, expertise and hard work to deliver on time, within scope and on budget for our customers; building a foundation of trust and reliability for our customers to know that they can count on AIR. Customer support, service, technical support and training are foundations by which AIR lives by and each individual has the responsibility for ensuring the success of each project, and performing service in a manner that will consistently fulfil the customers needs and provide them with the best possible solution to their problem(s).

    AIRs clients range from a host of public safety organizations and defence organizations around the world to the United Nations, US Government, the governments of Afghanistan, Iraq, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Cyprus, Russia, etc. We have built a reputation for delivering on time to customers the customized solutions and products they require, and are seen as a global leader in servicing government agencies.

    As a global entity, AIR understands the importance of presence and localityReach Globally, Act Locally, we strive to be present in all major countries with our own presence and support structure, believing this display of commitment will develop and enhance our relationships to create an environment of trust and reliability.

  • AmericAn internAtionAl rAdio, inc. (Air) Products

    Leased-line Replacement / Extension / Redundancy

    Backhaul for:

    WiMAX and LTE

    ASTRO / Dimetra / MOTOTRBO

    Public Safety / Disaster Recovery

    Video Surveillance

    Building-to-building and Campus Connectivity

    typical Applications:

    The Point to Point wireless links are designed to connect two locations and can operate in both unlicensed and licensed frequencies bands. AIRs PTP equipment support frequencies from 2.5 GHz to 80 GHz with throughput starting from 100 Mbps to 4 Gbps. to deliver exceptional performance at the most extreme temperatures and under the most difficult weather conditions. Our PTP solutions enable you to build your distribution and access network, selecting from our complete technology portfolio in LoS , nLOS, and NLOS environments.

    The PTP links can be used in the following situations: difficult to wire sites

    backup for fiber optic

    temporary networks

    any other network that requires fast communication

    Point to Point


    AIRSPAN FlexNET ASN-700 FlexNET ASN-900

    CAMBIUM PTP 100 PTP 200 PTP 500 PTP 600

    EXALT EX-i series EX-r series ExtendAir


    CAMBIUM PTP 800 PTP 810


    EXALT ExploreAir EX-s series ExtendAir



  • Products Wireless Broadband Solutions

    Government Administration

    University Campus


    Health Care


    Real Estates

    Service Providers




    Petro Chemical

    Utilities, etc.


    Todays mobile Wi-Fi networks are really HotZones, aggregates of HotSpot cells that support seamless roaming throughout a neighbourhood or metropolitan region, or extend along a transportation corridor such as a railway or harbour.


    With equipment operating in the carrier bands from 700 MHz up to 6 GHz bands, AIRs portfolio delivers best CAPEX and OPEX propositions for 4G rollout.


    Canopy wireless broadband access networks deliver the high-speed Internet access, video surveillance, SCADA, streaming video and VoIP applications. These carrier grade last mile solutions provide wireless access connectivity to build fiber, cable and DSL network extensions to reach underserved areas, or expand business networks. Solutions are also used for SCADA and smart grid applications, 3G off-load or other broadband communications.

    AIRSPAN FlexNET ASN-700 FlexNET ASN-800 FlexNET ASN-820 FlexNET ASN-900

    AIRSPAN AirSynergy Air4G Air4Gs Air4Gp HiperMAX MicroMAX

    Cambium PTP320

    CAMBIUM PMP 100 PMP 430 PMP 450

    AIRs Point to Multi-Point wireless systems offer organizations a most flexible, economical and easily deployable solutions for connecting multiple remote sites to the network.

    Our PMP solutions enable you to build your distribution and access network, selecting from our complete technology portfolio. AIRs PMP networks operate in the licensed and unlicensed frequencies bands, providing superior performance in a wide variety of spectrums, including 450 / 900 MHz, 2.4 / 3.2 / 4.9 / 5.1 / 5.2 / 5.4 / 5.7 and 5.9 GHz.

    Point to multipoint wireless systems are ideal for interconnecting campus buildings, security systems, control systems, IP video surveillance cameras, WISP applications, integrating remote business sites, or installing last mile connections.


    Point to Multi-Point

    typical customers

  • AmericAn internAtionAl rAdio, inc. (Air) Products


    HMESH MotorolaEnterprise

    Ap7181 AP7161 AP7131 RFS 4000/6000/7000

    AIRs MESh solutions enables mobile broadband and position/location applications, including metro area, for first responders and other agencies as well as ad hoc wireless broadband for tactical connectivity. MESH Wide Area Networks are self-forming, so nodes automatically power up and self-integrate into the system.

    Our solutions are designed to meet the outdoor network needs for municipal agencies, transit systems, public safety and enterprises serving a wide variety of industries and markets.

    Fixed Camera Connectivity

    Campus Surveillance

    Mobile Office

    Field Reporting

    Database Access

    Tele-medicine / Remote Biometrics

    Remote Facility Security

    Fleet / Asset Management

    Public Transit Surveillance

    Red Light Cameras

    Incident / Event Management


    Licence Plate Recognition

    Criminal Database Access

    Smart Parking

    Traffic Control & Optimization

    Water Tower and Lift Station


    Public and Private WiFi

    River / Stream Pollution Monitoring


    Facility Management, etc.

    typical Applications

  • Wireless Broadband Solutions

    From education and healthcare, to manufacturing and intelligent transportation, AIRs wireless broadband solutions allows you to have control over your facilities, security, future growth and all in a cost effective manner.

    Fixed, nomadic or on the move: AIR Wireless Broadband Solutions provide total high-speed, purpose-build solutions to help enterprises, service providers and municipalities or governments connect reliably anywhere and everywhere. All your data, voice and video communications are easily covered with variations of state-of-the-art high-speed Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Mesh, WiFi, WiMax and LTE networks. You will be able to deploy and extend a reliable secure and safe system in any indoor or outdoor arena.

    AIRs wireless broadband end-to-end architecture include the necessary back office applications, devices and broadband networks as well as advanced solutions for:

    Backhauling voice and data transfer (LTE/WiMAX)

    Video surveillance

    Traffic and transportation management solutions

    Emergency teams solutions

    Oil&Gas solutions

    Everywhere Access

    Disaster Recovery and Ad Hoc Networks

    Growth and prosperity depend on

    your ability to quickly adapt and

    respond to the rising expectations of

    your customers. Offer dynamic new

    services and empower workers to

    be more responsive to customers

    through access to real-time

    information wherever they are.


  • AmericAn internAtionAl rAdio, inc. (Air) SolUtionS

    EvErywHErE AccESS More and more governments are using interactive technology to allow easier citizen access to services, such as online registration and licensing, payment of fines, purchase of rapid transit tickets, paying water, gas and electric bills, making reservations for public facilities and more. Wireless technology helps governments make interactive citizen communications more efficient, more immediate and more personalized. In addition, wireless technology enables government officials to provide faster, more effective service, and allows them to follow up with the citizen on the website or by e-mail, confirming information, providing service updates and offering a method for further feedback.

    These wireless broadband solutions provide connectivity whether inside a building, outside a building, between buildings or throughout the community. They not only provide the enhanced information and ease of contact that improve citizen communications, they also enable information sharing across departments and agencies, while significantly reducing operating expenses. This internal cooperation also helps governments deliver citizen services faster and better.

    BAckHAuling voicE And dAtA trAnSfEr (ltE/wiMAX)Mobile operators are currently experiencing rapid growth in data services along with a steady growth in voice traffic. However, the voice market is extremely competitive and revenue growth is slow. They face the dual challenge of increasing average revenue per user and reducing customer subscription. Providers have to add backhaul capacity while keeping operational costs under control, a situation that is forcing carriers to migrate their access and core networks to the new 3G and 4G infrastructure.

    AIR provides a wide variety of network infrastructure options for wireless backhaul networks that require high availability, low latency, low jitter, and Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) capabilities. The products offer network level resiliency, hardware-based Quality of Service (QoS), easy manageability, and flexible network processor-based architecture.

    Air Advantages: Advanced handover and roaming capabilities

    Comprehensive LTE product portfolio

    Multi-platform infrastructure running combination of WiMAX, LTE

    Wide selection of internal and interoperable user devices

    Cost-effective and scalable



  • induStry/oil&gAS SolutionSOil&Gas, chemical and utilities are typically characterized as fast-paced, dynamic organizations, companies and co-ops who are constantly under pressure to streamline operations, reduce costs and increase yield. As a result of these challenges and coupled with the difficult environments, terrain or water they often exist in, the industry has been seeking alternative communications networks that will handle these demands.

    The Industrial market is commanding faster and more reliable networks to transport their vital communications in order to improve operational efficiencies while also responding to external pressures to increase safety and security of their equipment, facilities and property.

    The implementation of private broadband networks continue to bring true advancements to include: Rapid diagnosis for monitoring and management

    Ability to expand coverage areas

    Scalability to meet future needs and additional applications

    Lower total cost of ownership

    AIRs comprehensive portfolio of reliable and cost effective Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and MESH wireless broadband equipment offers high-speed solutions that support data, voice and video communications, enabling a broad range of applications for the heavy industrial market including:

    Smart Grid Networks

    Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

    Lease line replacement and fiber extensions

    Off-shore and over water communications

    Platform to vessel to communications

    Oil Field SCADA communications

    Land Mobile Radio Backhaul

    Video Surveillance

    SolUtionS Wireless Broadband Solutions

    trAffic And trAnSPortAtion MAnAgEMEntBased on wireless technologies, AIRs Traffic and Transportation Management Solutions are enabling new strategies for relieving traffic congestion, improving road and passengers safety, protecting cargo containers and enhancing productivity. AIRs fixed and mobile high speed wireless broadband solutions deliver real time vehicle-to-roadside communications, connect transportation command centres, and increase travellers mobility.

    AIR Wireless Broadband solutions extend the mobile edge to every part of the transportation network, providing:

    Wide Coverage and Connectivity

    Coverage IP Networks

    Improved Safety

    Air Advantages: Relieve congestion, improve safety and increase mobility

    Enhance operational efficiencies and improve productivity

    Incorporate 24/7 surveillance of roadways and railways, bridge monitoring and traffic management solutions

    Optimise existing transportation assets and provide the infrastructure for smart vehicles and smart highways and integrated corridor management


  • AmericAn internAtionAl rAdio, inc. (Air) SolUtionS

    diSAStEr rEcovEry And Ad-Hoc nEtworkSThe rapid evolution in the field of mobile computing is driving a new alternative way for mobile communication, in which mobile devices form a self-creating, self-organising and self-administering wireless network, called a mobile ad-hoc network. Its intrinsic flexibility, lack of infrastructure, ease of deployment, auto-configuration, low cost and potential applications make it an essential part of future pervasive computing environments. Nodes act as routers to transmit data from nearby nodes to peers that are too far away to reach in a single hop, resulting in a network that can span larger distances.

    The solutions are as diverse as communication needs, for example in difficult environments such as emergency situations, tunnels, oil rigs, battlefield surveillance, high speed mobile video applications on board public transport or real time racing car telemetry.



    Y EMErgEncy tEAMS SolutionSFrom building to battlefield, AIR understands what it takes to deliver fail-safe communications that enable military, civil and law enforcement to deliver the essential services that is expected and demanded of them around the world.

    Those responsible for delivering real time, secure communication networks that share vital information so that operations can be effectively coordinated depend on high performance technology that is proven, rugged and meets the strictest requirements found in the industry.

    Todays strategic communications must combine data, voice and video into a unified stream of intelligence that is available anytime and anywhere. This requires high-bandwidth networks to enable the timely transport of everything from video imagery, voice commands and surveillance data to telemetry and budgetary data.

    Our point-to-multipoint (PMP) and UC-APL and FIPS 140-2 certified point-to-point (PTP) wireless solutions can help your agency share information efficiently, securely and economically so, you can focus on the mission at hand.

    Air Advantages: AIR Solutions delivers communication technology for emergency service

    solutions that allow fire and emergency service departments to focus on their mission and not worry about the technology.

    Improve response times, enhance safety for responders and enables seamless communication with our emergency service solutions.

  • AmericAn internAtionAl rAdio, inc. (Air) SolUtionS

    WIRED VS. WIRELESSSubstantially lower deployment costs are the main reason for the huge cost differential when comparing wired and wireless video networks. A typical scenario often concerns an organization or municipality that already has an existing wired video surveillance network in a main building or location and want to extend their monitoring capabilities to areas beyond the main complex: parking lots, perimeters, mobile units, additional buildings or facilities near and far. The necessity of trenching can create tremendous obstacles in a wide range of video surveillance scenarios, especially those involving long distances.

    FIXED VIDEO:The fixed video solution provides a complete end-to-end solution which includes fixed video cameras, sensor networks, broadband networks, video management systems (VMS), analytics, storage area networks (SAN) and Physical Security information management (PSIM) systems. The complete solution includes hardware elements, software applications and services that integrate into existing systems.

    MOBILE VIDEO:The mobile video solution provides a complete M2M (Machine to Machine) solution, which encompasses a mobile camera attached to a mobile DVR, the ability to connect through a disparate broadband network.

    vidEo SurvEillAncEAs the world becomes increasingly security conscious, municipalities, institutions and enterprises of all sizes are discovering that theres safety in sight. Real-time video surveillance systems are proving to be one of the most effective methods of addressing a wide range of security challenges in both the public and the private sectors. These solutions empower first responders to view live, real-time, 24/7 visuals of their communities. Now, they have immediate access to view commercial districts, neighbourhoods, high-risk areas, crowded public events, dangerous intersections, public transit vehicles, and municipal buildings when theyre not physically on the scene. When a problem is detected, officers are dispatched immediately to the right place the first time, minimizing response time and maximizing safety and effectiveness. Officers can obtain live video feeds which can help them to immediately and appropriately respond to the situation at hand.

    Round-the-clock surveillance of high crime areas

    Real-time video feeds into patrol cars or fire vehicles to provide mission-critical information to first responders

    Extensive, 24-hour outdoor monitoring of locations ranging from port facilities to airports to supply depots to nuclear power plants

    Electronic visual patrolling of farm and ranch perimeters, extended pipelines and remote or unmanned facilities

    Traffic surveillance solutions ranging from identifying traffic violators to providing early warnings of tie-ups due to accidents or weather

    Ad hoc network surveillance of public venues from sporting events to political conventions to rock concerts

    Comprehensive monitoring of off-the-beaten-path locations on corporate, educational and medical campuses

    VIDEO SURVEILLANCE APPLICATIONSCrucial applications that can be deployed using wireless network infrastructure:



  • AmericAn internAtionAl rAdio, inc. (Air)

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