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  • 8/7/2019 WINTER 2011 Galloway Photo Magazine





    GallowayUrban Missionary Update





    The Lord is near to the broken-hearted and saves those who arecrushed in spirit.

    Psalm 34:8Photo by Caitlin Stieel

  • 8/7/2019 WINTER 2011 Galloway Photo Magazine


    The Galloways are a missionary amilyworking with The Relie Bus, an outreach tthe poor and homeless in the NYC metro a



    ohn is a native American rom South Dakota.He prayed together with Juan on the street andmade a decision to quit drinking. He returned to

    he Relie Bus another day and our volunteerspooled enough money to get him a bus tripback to his amily who he has reunitied with. He

    alled to let us know hes doing well.

    uan met Eddie in Harlem. He isomeless and sleeps sitting in a chairt a center called The Living Room.

    ts bad or legs as he has water on thenees and arthritis. We helped him

    out with some shelter ino.

    ddie used to work in demolitionnd had an accident with dynamite.

    He blew his nger of, his ear wasanging of, his chin broke, hisearing and eyesight are bad and his

    oot and ankle were burned 15 yearsgo. See the closeup photo o hishumb that was blown of.

  • 8/7/2019 WINTER 2011 Galloway Photo Magazine




    Its been a very and snowy winin New York Cit

    People have reaappreciated thehot soup on thebitter days.

    New OutreachTeam Leader, JoHaken, superva hard workingvolunteer, Georin the Bronx.

    See The Relie Bus in an

    amazing Danish RealityShow, DESTINATION



    Warren reminded Juan thathelped him apply or aassport ater he was muggednd cut up badly rom anie attack. Soon he willave ID that will aid him inetting work. He is getting

    is passport soon and is veryappy about it
  • 8/7/2019 WINTER 2011 Galloway Photo Magazine


    or the third year in a row, we have participated in leadingont Walk By, a massive outreach to the homeless in trained over 1,000 volunteers how to minister toe homeless and sent them out to walk every street inanhattan over a ve week period. We connected with

    ver 1,000 homeless people, giving them connections toograms to help turn their lives around.

    On the let are homeless people waiting to get into the church or a hot meal, clothinand connections to aith-based shelters and rehabilitation/discipleship programs. On

    he right are the hundreds o volunteers heading out to nd more homeless people nvite them back to the church or dinner and help.

    an has a new BLOG with articles, music and un stuf at www.thisisyourbrainonjuan.c
  • 8/7/2019 WINTER 2011 Galloway Photo Magazine


    Connor is our competitive athlete inthe amily and doing great in basebaHis recent double play blew us all aw

    Corban and Connor joined Dad at Tayour kid to work day. They actually dsome work too!

    Juan competed in a big risbee goltournament and was elated to notcome in last!



    onnor dressed up like a UPS maneing attacked by dogs this pastall.

    The boys and I visited our riend and volunteer RBus driver, Roger in the hospital. He had surgerycancer and then passed away. He will be missed

    uan helped plan a Motorcycleide Fundraiser or The Relie Bus

    alled WHEELS OF FIRE. Lots obikers came out to show support

    nd ride their hogs.


    The New

    York CityRelie Boardo Directors

    just votedJuan in asthe newPresident.

    Costruction on our urban mistraining base is underway! Thbe a place or volunteer teamstay or up to a week at a tim
  • 8/7/2019 WINTER 2011 Galloway Photo Magazine

    6/7Tracy has her own internet show now where

    she gives great marriage and amily tips . Check it out!

    Tracy baked one o her amous cakeor Haileys 13th birthday. Its a bedcake to go with Haileys slumber paHailey got tennis lessons and lovesthem.

    Our kids went shing and had a reablast with our riends The Berrys.

    Corban enjoyed the lake this Summer this erocious rogman even caught sosh.

    The kids love to bakewith Mom so Tracybought them their ownche hats.

    The Galloway kids had a greatChristmas. River is 15, Hailey is 13,Corban is 10 and Connor is 9.

    Tracy has her own internet show now whereshe gives great marriage and amily tips . Check it out!
  • 8/7/2019 WINTER 2011 Galloway Photo Magazine


    YOU CAN HELP!To do this vital work with the poor and homeless, our whole staf and theGalloway amily lives as urban missionaries. We rely on people who believe inthis work to partner with us nancially.

    Become a monthly partner or $25, $50, $100 or any amount so that together

    we can make a diference in the lives o the hurting. Your gits are tax-deductible.

    To donate, simply make a check out to The Relie Bus and mail to 295 WalnutStreet, Elizabeth, NJ 07201. Put a note in the envelope with the words Juanand Tracy on it.

    NOW YOU CAN GIVE ONLINE TOO!Just click on the link below to give. Just write Juan and TracyGalloway in the designation eld so that it will go to the right place.Thanks!

    Juan and [email protected] in rst)












    mailto:[email protected]://[email protected]://