Why, Why, Why DELILA? Catherine Robertson University of Birmingham

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Why, Why, Why DELILA? Catherine Robertson University of Birmingham. 4. 1. Background. Lessons learned. 5. DELILA - Developing Educators Learning and Information Literacy for Accreditation PGCert could make use of generic Information and Digital Literacy material - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Why, Why, Why DELILA?Catherine RobertsonUniversity of BirminghamBackground1Aims2Work packages31) IL Audit2) Mapping of digital/information literacy to HEA framework3) Review of content, to ensure content can be made open4) Conversion of material to appropriate format (licensing etc)5) Repository customisation6) Deposit of content7) Dissemination and publicity8) Quality control and evaluation5To provide a model for embedding digital and information literacy support into teacher training at HE level;</p><p>To release digital and information literacy open educational resources (OERs) for embedding into institutional teacher training courses eg PGCerts;</p><p>To customise local repositories to provide access to these resources.DELILA - Developing Educators Learning and Information Literacy for Accreditation</p><p>PGCert could make use of generic Information and Digital Literacy materialMany librarians have already created valuable resources</p><p>Sharing helps model best practice and saves time and money. It is also good for your institution and your reputationLessons learnedKey pointsKeep IL/DL material in a single place</p><p>Make OER considerations a key part of creator workflow eg embedding Creative Commons information</p><p>Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is a big issue and needs to be discussed at the highest institutional levels need institutional permission to release institutional OERs</p><p>Creative Commons licences - we agreed to use 3.0 but plug-in for automatic integration into word/PPT automatically attributes 2.5</p><p>Audit of material a great way of identifying material which may otherwise be overlooked.Mapping to main frameworks - UK Standard Professional Framework; Sconul 7 Pillars, FutureLab Digital Literacy Framework; CORRE framework (Content. Openess. Re-Use and Repurpose. Evidence.)Conversion to OER format Simple changes such as addition of Creative Commons licence, creating alternative versions in different formats, etcCustomisation of Institutional Repository better look and feel; metadata amended to allow framework metadata to be added; links to Web 2.0 optionsDeposit once items are deposited in the IR, we want to utilise auto-harvesting into OpenJorum</p><p>http://delilaopen.wordpress.com/http://epapers.bham.ac.uk/DELILA </p><p>Catherine Robertsonc.robertson.1@bham.ac.uk</p></li></ul>


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