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Presentation of the DELILA (Developing Educators' Learning and Information Literacy for Accreditation) presentation at the University of Birmingham's Teaching and Learning Conference, June 2011.


<ul><li> 1. Why, why, why DELILA? Developing Educators Learning and Information Literacy for Accreditation Ann-Marie James Library Services, University of Birmingham [email_address] Why? </li> <li> 2. Overview <ul><li>JISC / HEA-funded </li></ul><ul><li>Open Educational Resources (OER) phase II </li></ul><ul><li>Part of the OMAC (Open Materials for ACcreditation) strand </li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/ourwork/teachingandlearning/oer/phase2?tabIndex=2tab3 </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li>Led by LSE; Birmingham - partner </li></ul>NASA GOES-13 Full Disk view of Earth December 17, 2010 from NOAA/NASA GOES project </li> <li> 3. In the beginning <ul><li>Audit of existing Information Literacy (IL) material </li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>We keep IL materials created by Subject Advisors on webCT; also items from projects such as: How Do I website </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>http://www.library.bham.ac.uk/searching/infoskills/howdoi.shtml , Brum project </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>http://www.library.bham.ac.uk/searching/infoskills/Brum.shtml etc </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>LSE Digital Literacy (DL); UB Information Literacy </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Range of formats powerpoint, pdf, webct, webpages, turning point etc </li></ul></li></ul>Lego_26nov2009_5934 from patrick </li> <li> 4. Mapping to the PG Cert <ul><li>All Postgraduate Certificates in Higher Education (PG Certs) are underpinned by the Professional Skills Framework (PSF) http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/ourwork/universitiesandcolleges/accreditation/ukpsf </li></ul><ul><li>We chose resources of particular relevance to the PG Cert (19 items) </li></ul><ul><li>Mapped these to specific modules in our PG Cert and to specific sections of the PSF. </li></ul><ul><li>2 worked examples </li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>eg Module on Educational Enquiry number of resources could be useful eg Captivate demo on literature searching, keeping-to-date webct course, endnote workbook </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li>Aim of mapping to increase transferability and re-use </li></ul>UK map from Lenny &amp;Meriels photostream </li> <li> 5. OER checks and resource conversion <ul><li>Based on CORRE framework (Content. Re-Use and Repurpose. Evidence.) </li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/beyond-distance-research-alliance/projects/otter </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li>Key changes: </li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Third party content replaced with placeholder </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Adding Creative Commons licence http://office.microsoft.com/en-gb/results.aspx?qu = creative+commons </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Adding metadata (keywords and HEA tags) </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Additional formats eg pdf </li></ul></li></ul></li> <li> 6. Customising the repository <ul><li>IRs increase the visibility and accessibility of material. Use of eprints software (open source) common in UK </li></ul><ul><li>OER customisation: </li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Additional metadata for OERs </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li><ul><li>Based on UKLOM standard </li></ul></li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li><ul><li>7 Pillars, UKPSF </li></ul></li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li><ul><li>CC licence </li></ul></li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li><ul><li>JACS - JORUM requirements </li></ul></li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Presentation </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li><ul><li>Layout improved to show key OER metadata at a glance </li></ul></li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li><ul><li>Improved previews </li></ul></li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li><ul><li>Thumbnails of PDFs and Office docs displayed automatically </li></ul></li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li><ul><li>Change font size options </li></ul></li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li><ul><li>Web 2.0 export options </li></ul></li></ul></li></ul></li> <li> 7. Old style record </li> <li> 8. New record display </li> <li> 9. New List display </li> <li> 10. Next steps <ul><li>Investigate SWORD (Simple Web-service offering Repository Deposit) to upload to JORUM </li></ul><ul><li>Ask librarians and Educational developers to evaluate the OERs </li></ul><ul><li>Continue to liaise with PG Cert re: embedding IL and DL </li></ul><ul><li>Encourage use of repository for teaching resources </li></ul><ul><li>Continue debate around benefits of, and processes for OERs </li></ul>sword by awrose from awrose </li> <li> 11. Lesson learned and issues <ul><li>Improve creator workflow </li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Keep IL/DL material in a single place </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Make OER considerations such as embedding CC information etc, early on </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Individuals to submit their best material regularly </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li>IPR issue ongoing </li></ul><ul><li>Frameworks, CC licences still developing </li></ul><ul><li>Re-using LSE/UoB material </li></ul>1251733093-lego2 from Sebastian Jordana </li> <li> 12. Many thanks to: <ul><li>UB project team: </li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Nancy Graham / Ann-Marie James </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Lisa Anderson </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Catherine Robertson </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Jill Russell (and Ed Craft from IT Services) </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Liz Cleaver (PG Cert, CLAD) </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>DELILA blog for ongoing update: http://delilaopen.wordpress.com/ </li></ul></li></ul><ul><li><ul><li>Launch event 26 July, London. </li></ul></li></ul></li> </ul>


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