Where Was The “BIG MAC” Produced? Miranda Crossley

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Where Was The BIG MAC Produced?

Where Was The BIG MAC Produced?Miranda Crossley

Raw Materials#1. Two beef panties. #2. Lettuce.#3. Cheese#4. Onions#5. Bun (bread)

Natural Resources#1. Wheat

#2. Oil (To fry meat with)

#3. Onions

#4. (Water) cleaning the Lettuce.*

Where Do The Raw/ Natural Resources Come From?Beef: New Zealand & Australia.Buns: OklahomaCheese: ArizonaPickles & Onions: Atlanta

How are Big Macs produced?Mc Donald's has shipping which come in pre-package of their beef patties. When taken out to prepare for the Big Mac two 1.6oz (45.4 g) beef patties are placed in a deep fryer to cook until well its well done. Than three part sesame seed bun are taken apart for the special "Mac" sauce (a Relish variant) to be applied and also the iceberg lettuce. . American cheese. . Pickles and onions.