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<ul><li> 1. By: Jenna Sagarino</li></ul> <p> 2. Overall Layout Menu: Jennas Closet, you can insert a picture of yourself if youd like List of your own: Tops Bottoms Dresses Shoes Handbags 3. Execution Environment Who it will purpose: All ages Men and Women Anyone that has trouble deciding what to wear People in a hurry Others who are inspired to try new ideas Countries it pertains to: Start in the U.S.A Plan to grow bigger and expand all over 4. Sex and the city Sex and the City's 29 most ridiculously outdated fashion moments What not to wear What not to wear homepage Fashion Police E fashion trends Bill Cunningham New York Background and gallery Breakfast at Tiffanys The plot 5. References www.youtube.com www.buzzfeed.com www.tlc.com www.eonline.com www.zeitgeistflims.com www.imdb.com</p>