What is government? What is our definition? Why do we need it? How does government affect us?

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>What is government? What is our definition? Why do we need it? How does government affect us? Slide 2 What is the difference between Government and a State? Slide 3 Population Government Territory Sovereignty Slide 4 Legislators Judges Executives and Administrators Slide 5 What is the purpose of government? To form a more perfect union To establish justice To insure domestic tranquility To provide for the common defense To promote the general welfare To secure the blessings of liberty Slide 6 Origins of the State Force Theory one group took over Evolutionary Theory government developed out of families Divine Right Theory God gave rulers a divine right to rule Social Contract Theory people agree to protect themselves from themselves Slide 7 Thomas Hobbes state of nature theory Humans are evil by nature. Is this true? Slide 8 The right to swing my fist, ends where the other mans nose begins -Oliver Wendell Holmes Slide 9 Alternate Intelligence Slide 10 WHAT GETS WETTER AND WETTER THE MORE IT DRIES? Slide 11 A towel Slide 12 YOU THROW AWAY THE OUTSIDE AND COOK THE INSIDE. THEN YOU EAT THE OUTSIDE AND THROW AWAY THE INSIDE. WHAT DID YOU EAT? Slide 13 An ear of corn Slide 14 WHAT GOES UP AND DOWN THE STAIRS WITHOUT MOVING? Slide 15 The Hand Rail or Carpet Slide 16 WHAT CAN YOU CATCH BUT NOT THROW? Slide 17 A cold Slide 18 I CAN RUN BUT NOT WALK. WHEREVER I GO, THOUGHT FOLLOWS CLOSE BEHIND. WHAT AM I? Slide 19 A nose Slide 20 WHAT'S BLACK AND WHITE AND RED ALL OVER? Slide 21 AN EMBARRASSED SKUNK A ZEBRA PAINTED RED. A SUNBURNED PENGUIN. A NEWSPAPER. Slide 22 WHAT GOES AROUND THE WORLD BUT STAYS IN A CORNER? Slide 23 A stamp </p>


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