Wfrp Hogshead Gregorhutton Character Sheet

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WFRP Character Sheet by Gregor Hutton for Hogshead Publishing. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st edition


<p>CharacterCharacter Record SheetAuraHead 01-15 Body 56-80 R Arm 16-35 R Leg 81-90 L Arm 36-55 L Leg 91-00</p> <p>Player's Name :</p> <p>Shield</p> <p>Fate Points Experience</p> <p>Name Gender Height Description</p> <p>Race Career Class Eyes Weight Alignment Hair</p> <p>Age</p> <p>BackgroundLanguages</p> <p>Psychology &amp; HealthWounds</p> <p>Place of Birth Parents Occupation Family Members total Deity</p> <p>Social Class T W I</p> <p>Standing A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel</p> <p>Characteristics M WS BS SStarter Profile Advance Scheme Total Advance Skill Benefits</p> <p>Insanity Points</p> <p>Current Profile</p> <p>Movement Ratesyds per 10 secs</p> <p>CareerCurrent Career Career Path Career Exits</p> <p>yds per miles per minute hour</p> <p>Cautious Standard Running Notes:</p> <p>Gold Crowns Silver Shillings Brass Pennies</p> <p>Money</p> <p>GC /d</p> <p>Other holdings</p> <p>Skills</p> <p>Spells</p> <p>Arms &amp; ArmourWeapon (hand-to-hand) I WS D PY</p> <p>Magic Points</p> <p>Power Level</p> <p>Weapon (missile)</p> <p>S</p> <p>L E ES Load</p> <p>Equipment/Trappings</p> <p>Armour</p> <p>Location</p> <p>Enc</p> <p>more overleafWarhammer Fantasy Roleplay is Games Workshop Ltd 1986. All Rights Reserved. This sheet is by Gregor Hutton, 2001. Hogshead Publishing 2001. Permission granted to copy for personal use only.</p>


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