West Yorkshire Police Newsletter June 2015

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The monthly newspaper from Police and Crime Comissioner Mark Burns-Williamson


<ul><li><p>Newsletter June 2015 </p><p>PCSO Gareth Price with a resident whose husband has dementia </p><p>Tour de Yorkshire success This was another very successful event which showcased to the world everything that Yorkshire has to offer. The cycling was fantastic but it was the thousands of people who came out and watched or volunteered their time and cheered everyone on that made it that extra bit special. I would also particularly like to praise the police officers and PCSOs involved who really entered into the spirit of the event. The motorcycle out-riders were 'high-fiving' spectators and the officers mingled in the crowds helping everyone to enjoy the day. Events like this can't and won't happen without everyone, including key partners across the region pulling together to do their bit and I would like to thank everyone who helped make it possible. Find out more </p><p> Supporting Dementia Awareness Campaign To coincide with Dementia Awareness Week, West Yorkshire Police launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the condition and promote closer working between police, those with dementia and their carers. The Force has been putting significant work into raising awareness amongst staff and officers of what dementia is and best practice in dealing with people with dementia since joining the Dementia Action Alliance earlier this year. People with dementia are potentially vulnerable and need treating with care, compassion and dignity. I was pleased to be able to support the campaign and that West Yorkshire Police and partners are doing what they can to ensure they understand the individual needs of those with dementia. Find out more </p><p> 2m investment into body worn cameras I have invested nearly 2m to allow West Yorkshire Police to buy body worn video cameras. Research has shown their use can further improve integrity and the corroboration of evidence by acting as an 'independent witness'. They have the potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system. The studies have also shown that body worn video cameras lead to an increase in early guilty pleas, which would mean a reduction in the need for victims and witnesses in West Yorkshire to attend court. New role to tackle child sexual exploitation (CSE) Tackling CSE is one of the priorities I set out in my Police and Crime Plan and I am pleased to have been able to provide an extra 3.5m to tackle this deplorable crime as well as cyber crime and human trafficking. After calling a meeting between Safeguarding Experts I agreed to fund a proposal from the Directors of Childrens Services which totalled 440,000 for enhanced work on CSE in West Yorkshire. As part of this work, Stuart Piper has now joined my team as a Safeguarding Co-ordinator and he will work with partners across West Yorkshire to develop a strong and consistent approach to tackle CSE. His new role will add to the strong team of people already looking at how we can improve the way we deal with CSE. Find out more </p></li><li><p> Contact </p><p> @WestYorksOPCC </p><p> /WestYorksOPCC </p><p> /westyorksopcc </p><p> /westyorksopcc </p><p>@ contact@westyorkshire.pcc. pnn.gov.uk </p><p> 01924 294000 </p><p>West Yorkshire Policing Awards 2015 West Yorkshire Police honoured its heroes at the annual awards ceremony last month. Among the exceptional performances recognised were PC Richard Whiteley and PC Suzanne Hudson who won my Employee of the Year Award. Richard and Suzanne attended a routine call in Leeds which had devastating consequences. Richard acting without any regard for his own safety, challenged an armed suspect and provided first aid to a colleague in need. Since this incident Suzanne has shown remarkable bravery and resilience in extremely difficult circumstances. I was amazed at the courage and commitment shown by all of the finalists - they are all fantastic ambassadors for West Yorkshire Police. Day in day out they deliver an exceptional service, helping make all our communities safer and feeling safer. Find out more </p><p>Help for Victims website The Help for Victims website was created and launched with the sole purpose of supporting victims and witnesses of </p><p>crime. Anyone who feels they are a victim or witness to a crime and don't know where to go for help please visit www.helpforvictims.co.uk </p><p>Womens Health Matters - I visited Womens Health Matters in Leeds who I helped to fund with a 2000 grant from the first round of my Safer Communities Fund. The organisation is an independent charity run by women for women and works to support asylum seekers from over 20 countries or origin aged 18-70. The grant from the fund was used for a series of summer activities, open to all women and girls they work with. The range of activities undertaken enabled women to feel more confident and at home in their city. It was great to meet the people involved in the project who were exceptionally welcoming and I could see the difference we had made in the community by providing an invaluable service to potentially vulnerable women. While there I also helped give out clothes and talked to service users about their varied backgrounds which had a lasting effect on me. To find out more about Womens Health Matters visit www.womenshealthmatters.org.uk </p><p>Coming up We will have consultation stalls at the following events: 6th June </p><p>Beeston Festival 13th June </p><p>Halifax Charity Gala 14th June </p><p>Bradford Festival 27th June </p><p>Hunslet Festival </p><p>Campaign warning of the absolute danger of using a mobile phone when driving Road safety is an important issue for me and for people across West Yorkshire and I support the National Police Chiefs Council campaign that raises awareness about the absolute danger of using a mobile phone whilst driving. I have spoken to police officers who have witnessed first-hand the unimaginable consequences that driving whilst on the phone can have and I am determined to work with partners to find local solutions to local problems to help make our roads safer. Find out more </p><p>With Temporary Chief Constable Dee Collins and Lifetime Achievement Award winner Police Sergeant (Retired) Michael Bowden </p></li></ul>


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