Welcome to mon, a magical journey - Mr. B's Traditional duck salad made to our homemade recipe. MON

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Text of Welcome to mon, a magical journey - Mr. B's Traditional duck salad made to our homemade recipe. MON

  • Mighty rivers are the heart of Thai heritage, culture and lifestyle. "Ganga", the goddess of the river, brings spirits of charm and attractiveness, also known as "Mon". Thai people pray and show respect during the enchanting festival held each year, celebrating with magical energy, sounds and flavours of Thailand.

    In Thailand, water plays a major role in people's daily life. Paddle boats are used for travelling and trading goods and food which are sold at the traditional floating markets. In the early 1900's a small group of Thai people decided to travel further than across the river through the Indian Ocean. They brought with them a vast legacy of culture, language, traditions, and food that was introduced to Australia, the incredible island continent they made home.

    Herbs and spices are the foundation of Thai cuisine. "Galangal", Bird Chilli and Thai Basil are not native Australian spices, but with the increase of Thai people in Australia, many cooking styles from different regions of Thailand introduced new flavours and aromas which are the essence of Thai origins and have stayed true to the much-loved recipes that have been passed down for generations.

    Mon is also the name of our chef; whose creative spirit inspired the menu. Her elegant art and cooking techniques helped to create the most exotic flavours and make the dishes unique. Only fresh and local ingredients are used which gives the house-made sauces and curry paste the taste and aroma of authentic Thai cooking.

    The magical mantras are the soul of every dish and Mon is the hidden place where every day is a delightful journey.

    Welcome to mon, a magical journey

  • mon skewer

  • THE GREEN DUCK 15 Traditional duck salad made to our homemade recipe.

    MON SKEWER 14 Pork marinated overnight, grilled, served with sticky rice and fresh green vegetables. Message from Mon "I loved to eat pork skewers and sticky rice when I was younger. The softness of marinated pork and its aroma remind me of my childhood. It is designed from my own experiences mixed with the Aussie style Barbie"

    HUA HIN MEE HOI (HOI-JOR) 13 Deep-fried minced pork, prawn and chestnut wrapped in fresh bean curd sheets. Served with plum sauce. Hoi-Jor is a fusion of Thai and Chinese cuisines. This is a traditional dish often found in festivals and ceremonies in Thailand.

    CRUNCHY VEGGIES 11 Fresh seasonal vegetables tempura served with sweet dipping sauce.

    SNOWFLAKE ON THE PRAWN 17 Crispy, crunchy deep-fried prawns with coconut and sweet chilli sauce.

    KOBORI (SPICY GRILLED WAGYU) 17 Grilled Wagyu Beef served on a sushi rice bed. We integrate Asian flavours to create this fusion dish. The tender, juicy and rich textures of Wagyu beef and the softness of sushi rice are the perfect combination.


    RICE BERRY 3.5

    HOLY BASIL – (Bai Ka-Prow) Holy Basil is an aromatic herb used for stir-fries and mixed with garlic, fresh chillies and fish sauce. It endows a wonderful flavour

    to any meat or seafood when tossed in the wok.[


  • somtum patong

  • BAA BAA KHAO YAI (MASSAMUN LAMB CUTLET) 28 Thai-flavoured Massamun Curry, with 4 marinated lamb cutlets. We use freshly ground spices to create the most aromatic massamun curry. Tasty Australian lamb cutlets are marinated, grilled and combined with a creamy curry which will make your dinner unforgettable.

    SPICY ANDAMAN (TOM YUM GRILLED KING PRAWN) 33 Hot and sour soup with fresh King prawns and mushrooms, flavoured with lemongrass, galangal, chilli, lime juice, coriander and Thai herbs.

    SOMTUM PATONG 54 A combination of prawns, calamari, mussels and salmon, served as a side of Somtum. The raw Thai salad is made of fresh shredded papaya, sliced tomatoes, beans, peanuts, dried mini shrimp, and fresh garlic. Delicious Thai Isan style seafood platter. Somtum is a tasty combination of sweet, salty, tangy and spicy flavours.

    SIAM BARBIE 26 Grilled “Melt-In-Your-Mouth” Barbecue ribs with our homemade BBQ sauce and a fresh seasonal salad.

    KRABI CRAZY LOBS (500 g. FRESH LOBSTER) MARKET Fresh lobster, fish sauce, green onions, shallots, coriander, PRICE lime juice, ground chilli pepper and rice. This is a perfect fusion of Thai Isan style dish and the Lobster. We bring together the beautiful sweetness of the lobster with aromatic Thai herbs.

    GALANGAL - KHA It is one of the key Thai herbs and spices used for all curry pastes. It reduces the fishy scent of seafood and the heaviness of red meats, making their taste smooth, delicate and succulent. Fresh

    galangal should be peeled before use, then sliced for soups or grated (for curry pastes).[


  • samui coco curry

  • YAOWARAT (PORK HOCK) 38 Mon style deep fried pork hock This is a full-flavoured dish. The pork is infused with the rich flavour of herbs. After one bite of this mouthwatering dish, you will be hooked by its softness and juicy texture.

    BANGKOK ON FIRE (FRIED FISH WITH HERBS) 42 Crispy fried whole Barramundi covered with sweet, sour and spicy sauce made from sugar, lime juice, fish sauce and chillies. One of Mon’s kitchen rule is “make the best from the basics”. We enhance the flavour of a simple fried fish with fresh ingredients and a delicious sauce. This is a traditional Thai dish.

    SAMUI COCO CURRY (RED CURRY PRAWNS) 27 Curry mousse in coconut is a mix of fresh prawns with our traditional thick red curry paste, coconut milk and Thai herbs served in a whole fresh coconut.

    PATTAYA BELLY DANCE 25 Thai Pork and Ginger stir-fried with Thai red curry paste and fresh seasonal vegetables.

    PHI-PHI FISHEW NUT 28 Fresh Ling Fish fillet stir-fried with cashew nuts, chilli jam, oyster sauce, onion, shallots, dried chilli and mushrooms. The crunch from the cashew nuts creates a delicious stir-fried dish contrasting with the crispy golden-brown fish fillet.


    LEMMON BASIL (Bai Maeng-Lak) In Thailand, Lemmon Basil is called ”Maenglak” and it is one of the several types of basil used. The leaves are indispensable for

    the noodle dish Khanom-Chinnam Ya.[


  • lost in the jungle

  • GREEN PEPPERCORNS (Prik-Thai-Orn) The young green peppercorns are soft, highly aromatic and midly hot and are

    often used for stir-fried dishes especially with curry paste ingredients.[


    SEA-FIRE (SEAFOOD SIZZLING) 32 A sizzling stir-fried mix of prawns, mussels, Ling fish, squid and vegetables with our homemade “Pad-Cha” paste served on a hot plate. In 1.999, Mon created one of the best “Pad-Cha” chilli pastes ever. What makes it exceptional is its fragrance which brings together the essence of coriander, galangal, and lemongrass.

    SWIMMING CHICKS (TOM KHA BAI TOEY) 18 Silky, aromatic coconut-based chicken soup, flavoured with galangal and aromatic Thai herbs.

    MOO MOO MANGO (WAGYU BEEF MANGO SALAD) 32 Tender Thai-style grilled Wagyu Beef strips topped with fresh green mango.

    FLOWER ON THE FLOOR (BANANA BLOSSOM AND TOFU) 22 We bring banana flower together with an exotic combination of rich fried shallots, garlic, and lemongrass. The taste of banana blossom is slightly bitter, while its texture is creamy and crunchy.

    LOST IN THE JUNGLE (MANGO SALAD) 17 A perfect balance of the crisp mango textures with the hot, sweet, sour and salty dressing. This refreshing savoury-sweet taste of Thai cuisine is eaten in a single bite. The wild betel leaf is often used in South-East Asian cuisine as a magical herb. It has a bitter and hot taste and is good for your health.

  • coconut with ice cream

  • KHOW TOM MUT WITH ICE CREAM 10 Sweet sticky rice filled with banana, wrapped with banana leaves and served with our seasonal flavoured ice cream.

    SAI SAI 12 Also known as “Nam Kang Sai”, this Thai-style shaved ice cream is served with tropical fruits and a colourful jelly. “Sai Sai” means clear as a crystal.

    COCONUT WITH ICE CREAM 13 Homemade coconut ice cream full of sweet and salty flavours and topped with a variety of colourful Thai style sweets. When Mon was younger, her mother created a rich and delicious coconut ice cream, which she describes as a delightful surprise.

    KAFFIR LIME LEAVES Kaffir Lime leaf is a key ingredient in Thai cooking. It is probably one of the most aromatic of all herbs and a wonderful addition to many soups,

    curries and stir-fries. They are very bitter with bumpy skin.[


  • phuket set

    Banquet menu

    We serve our banquet menu on Khan Tok - the traditional northern Thai style of serving food on a raised tray known as a “khan tok”.

    This is the popular way of welcoming guests.

    Banquet inspired by Khan Tok

    CHAING MAI SET $25 per person (minimum 4 people)

    Hua Hin Mee Hoi (Hoi Jor) Deep-fried minced pork, prawn and chestnut wrapped

    in fresh bean curd sheets. Served with plum sauce. Swimming Chicks (Tom Kha Bai Toey)

    Silky, aromatic coconut-based chicken soup flavoured with galangal and aromatic Thai herbs.

    Flower On The Floor (Banana Blossom and Tofu)

    We bring banana flower together with an exotic combination of rich fried shallots, garlic, and lemongrass.

    Moo Moo Mango (Wagyu Beef Mango Salad)

    Tender Thai-style grilled Wagyu Beef