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Welcome to EURO-ASIA INTERNATIONAL Vilnius Lithuania 30-10-20131Euro-Asia International Co. Slide 2 Index Introduction Page 3 Management Page 4 About Us Page 5 Logistics Page 6 Seafreight Page 7 Airfreight Page 8 Overland (Road & Rail) Page 9~10 Commercial Page 11 Tourism Page 12~13 Company Formation Page 14 Virtual Office Page 15 Vision & Mission Page 16 Contact Page 17 30-10-2013Euro-Asia International Co.2 Slide 3 Introduction Euro-Asia International has been established in Lithuania which strategically located between huge markets and plays the main role in the Baltic Trade as a hub for 3 considerable Regions : Western Europe, CIS and Scandinavian. Due to country potential which is rapidly growing, Euro-Asia is formed to develop the country benefit in different fields of activities as follows: o Logistics o Commercial o Tourism Industry 30-10-2013Euro-Asia International Co.3 Slide 4 Management Reza Moussavi who is owner and 100% shareholder of the company, was started his career in the field of Shipping and International Transportation as well as Trading from 1995. He was taking care of the management position in some well-known Freight Forwarding Companies and Shipping Agencies such as Schenker, Militzer & Munch, Kuehne+Nagel, HMM, OOCL, Sinokor, Hanjin, Hai Nan P O and APL in IRAN. Besides above, he was Also the owner of Sea-Land Freight and Managing Director of Tehran Rahvar International Transport Co. The company founder education is in Commerce and International Management while he has passed some high level courses related to the said business such as Air-freight, Sea-freight,especially FIATA which are necessary for handling of an International Transport Company in all over the World. Due to over 18 years experiences, he could make a good business relationship with many Shipping Lines, Transportation Companies, Freight Forwarders and Trading Companies (Exporters & Importers) around the Globe. 30-10-2013Euro-Asia International Co.4 Slide 5 About Us 30-10-2013Euro-Asia International Co.5 Euro-Asia International (EAI), as a leading multi-function company, is established with the aim of One Single Solution for Multiple Purposes. EAI, as a Global Service Provider, specializes in supplying: Multimodal Transportation, Commercial and Tourism. EAI performs an unmatched flexibility of services that offer packages to suit every individuals or companys needs from administrative to more personal concerns. By utilizing the latest technology, World-wide network agencies as well as relying on long background and experiences of the company Management, EAI is proud to meet the requirements of its clients. > Slide 6 Logistics Euro-Asia is fully equipped and ready to offer all type of transportation such as Sea, Air & Land from any place at Country of origin to final discharge point at destination with the fastest transit time, reasonable price and the best service quality of course. Euro-Asia is your one stop shop for all international freight forwarding, warehousing and logistics requirements. With our large network around the Globe, we bring the World closer and Taking you to the world and back. We believe in offering premium service for competitive pricing - deal with the company that is small enough to care but large enough to give you the cost benefits. 30-10-2013Euro-Asia International Co.6 Slide 7 SeaFreight Klaipeda is the northernmost ice-free port on the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. It is the most important and the biggest Lithuanian transport hub, connecting sea, land and railway routes from East to West. Klaipeda is a multipurpose, universal, deep-water port, providing high-quality services complying with the requirements of the European Union. Considering Klaipeda port situation and its well-developed facilities, sea-freight is playing main role in Lithuania Foreign Trade and Euro-Asia is delighted to offer all type of SEA shipments such as containerized (FCL & LCL), Break Bulk, General cargo,etc. 30-10-2013Euro-Asia International Co.7 Slide 8 AirFreight Lithuania has three strategically located international civilian airports located in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga. These airports offer excellent facilities for passenger and cargo traffic. With the longest runway of the three (3,500 meters), iauliai International Airport is also involved in significant cargo transport. We know how much your cargo is precious or how much its urgent when you are using Airfreight. Euro-Asia can handle both personal goods and commercial cargo from around the Globe to Lithuania and vice versa. 30-10-2013Euro-Asia International Co.8 Slide 9 Overland Best Roads in the Region Though small in size, Lithuania boasts a 21,000 kilometer road system, which is known to be the best in the region. Lithuania is committed to investing 145 million EUR into the Via Baltica international highway system, and 100 million EUR into four public logistics centers. We would be grateful to offer: Full truck services (FTL) Groupage services (LTL) 30-10-2013Euro-Asia International Co.9 Slide 10 Overland Trans-European Corridors & Railway Network Lithuania is well-connected through a network of highways and railways, including the North-South highway, the railway connecting Scandinavia with Central Europe, as well as an East-West route linking the eastern markets with the rest of Europe. Euro-Asia offers services of the Viking shuttle train, which connects the Black and the Baltic Seas (starting in the Port of Ilyichevsk and going through Kiev, Minsk, and Vilnius, and reaching Klaipeda in 55 hours (1,734 km)). Also through another transcontinental route the Saul shuttle cargo train - Lithuania and China are linking through Kazakhstan. The transport of cargo from China to Europe by sea takes more than 40 days, while Saul can reach its destination in a matter of days. The train passes through Russia and Belarus, then onward to the Scandinavian and other European countries via the Klaipda State Seaport. Our one stop Logistics shop includes: Door to door services Project, OOG & ODC handling 30-10-2013Euro-Asia International Co.10 Slide 11 Commercial We, Euro-Asia, are the emerging company in Lithuania conducting export, import and procurement of diverse commodity applied to the different field of industries such as Oil & Gas, Foods, Wood & Paper, Textiles, Chemicals,..etc. We will endeavor to supply reliable equipments and products from authentic Lithuanian vendors to global markets and enhance our business service by satisfying clients needs. The success of Euro-Asia is attributed to our focus on the markets changing trends. Today our company is a multi-facet organization that identifies, develops and manages sound business opportunities either individually or in partnership with global companies Our Key Objectives as a Trading Company: Quality in all the commodities and products we offer, and as expected by our customers. Price competitiveness in all the commodities and products we offer; reliability of supply from source. 30-10-2013Euro-Asia International Co.11 Slide 12 Tourism Why Lithuania?! Lithuania, with its charming cities, lovely, unspoiled countryside, well-developed rural tourism network, unique coastal area of almost 100 km and its unforgettable UNESCO World Heritage masterpieces, receives over 2.2 million tourists a year. The 5 national and 30 regional parks filled with virgin forests and untouched marshlands inhabited by protected wild animals and rare birds, about 22,000 rivers, rivulets and over 3,000 beautiful lakes made Lithuania an attractive countryside tourism destination. Vilnius, the beautiful capital of Lithuania, was selected as the European Capital of Culture in the year 2009. We make your dreams a reality Lithuania has many places of interest to visit.... 30-10-2013Euro-Asia International Co.12 Slide 13 Tourism Find out how Lithuania looked 100 years ago on a tour to Open-air Folk Life Museum of Rumiks or see European Park, the leading open-air contemporary art museum devoted to the center of Europe. Visit the Hill of Crosses on a tour to iauliai or the second largest city in Lithuania Kaunas. See the "heroes" of the Soviet period in the Park of Soviet Sculptures Grutas Park or enjoy sandy dunes, beach coastline and fragrant pine forests on a tour to National Park of the Curronian Spit... What you can find in our package: No hidden fees 24/7 customer care Photos of your trip as a present Reasonable prices with the best service quality We know what you want .. Just book with us and enjoy your pleasant time. 30-10-2013Euro-Asia International Co.13 Slide 14 Company formation Company Formation and residence permit Lithuania is the largest of the Baltic states, and has a stable political and economic environment. Low corporate taxes and incorporation costs combine to make Lithuania company formation an attractive option for entrepreneurs conducting businesses within Europe and internationally. The most common form of society and a commercial presence in Lithuania is a limited liability company [UAB]. Euro-Asia can help you register your company in Lithuania and apply for Temporary Residence Permit (TRP). For additional information on Lithuania company formation, Please contact us! 30-10-2013Euro-Asia International Co.14 Slide 15 Virtual office Maximum flexibility, Minimum risk Enter new markets quickly, without huge set-up costs Our range of products and services can give your business the flexibility to react fast to changes on an international scale. So you can lead the way when new opportunities arise, and still manage the risk of overseas expansion effectively. The locations are in 600 cities across 100 countries. We put the lessons learned from our growth into developing the best workspace packages for you. The space you want......wherever you want it Whether you are looking to expand into other countries with a virtual or phys