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  • Waggener High School

    Waggener High School

    Alumni, 1962 3rd. Edition

    This is one of many sections that contain information, photos, newspaper articles, internet items, etc.

    of the St. Matthews area and especially of Waggener High School. Many of the items came from Al

    Rings personal collections but many people have helped and I have tried to give credit where I can.

    The purpose of this collection was to create the history of Waggener and the students and teachers

    who were there during my time. Being retired I now have time to do many of the things I have al-

    ways wanted, this project is just one of them. The collection is continuing today, so if you should

    have old or new information on the St. Matthews area from 1950 to 1962 or Waggener High, please

    contact Al Ring.

    All graphics have been improved to make the resolution as good as possible, but the reader should

    remember that many came from copies of old newspaper articles and photos. Credit to the source of

    the photos, etc. is provided whenever it was available. We realize that many items are not identified

    and regret that we werent able to provide this information. As far as the newspaper articles that are

    not identified, 99% of them would have to be from one of three possible sources. The Courier-

    Journal, The Louisville Times or one of the Voice publications. Books that we have used for some

    information include, Randy, Cactus, Uncle, Ed and the Golden age of Louisville Television, Wag-

    gener High School Alumni Directory 1996, Waggener Traditional High School Alumni Directory

    2007, Memories of Fontaine Ferry Park, St. Matthews The Crossroads of Beargrass by Samuel W.

    Thomas, St. Matthews, 25 Years a City Two Centuries a Community, St. Matthews 1960-1995, Wag-

    gener Lairs 1958 to 1962, The Holy Warrior, Muhammad Ali, Louisvilles Own (An Illustrated En-

    cyclopedia Of Louisville Area Recorded Pop Music From 1953 to 1983).

  • Explanation of the following pages, (Please Read)

    This section is divided into two sections. One is a list of alumni of

    the class of 1962 and the other provides individual information on

    deceased alumni of this class.

    In the list of alumni we have listed them first as they were in school

    and secondly, as they are today.

    In the second deceased alumni section, the female alumna are listed

    in alphabetical order based on their last names at the time of their

    death, their maiden name is capitalized.

    In the individual information section we have included everything

    we have on the deceased to date. If the name and information is in

    BLUE the person is deceased. We only mark those if we are sure

    of their death. Many of the names in red may have passed on, but

    we have not found anyone to verify the death.



    If you are sure of the death of some of these people noted in red, we

    would appreciate you contacting me and letting me know. Also if

    you have any information of both the living (with permission) or

    those who have passed, I would be appreciate that as well.

    You can contact me (Al Ring) at ringal@comcast.net

    Waggener High School Alumni, 1962:

  • 1962 Alumni: Abbott, Mary Kathryn (Kathy) Kathryn Kathy Abbott Reynolds

    Abbott, Richard Carl (Dick) Richard C. Dick & NancyAbbott

    Alfred, Randolph Craig (Randy) Randolph Craig Randy Alfred 11/17/1942 to 2/26/1994

    Anderson, Lester William (Tex) Les & Linda Anderson

    Ashby, Yvonne Marie Yvonne Ashby OBrien 5/14/1944 to 11/1977

    Atteberry, Karen Long Joe & Karen Atteberry Mitzlaff

    Attix, Nancy Boyd (Attix) Tom (62) & Nancy Attix Helfrich

    Bahe, Elaine Bahe David & Elaine Bahe May

    Barker, Juanita Jewell (Jewell) Jewell Jeanie Baker Bell

    Barmore, Barry Wallace Barry W. Barmore

    Barnett, John Kenneth (Jack) John K. Jack Barnett

    Barrows, Margaret Ann (Peggy) Michael & Peggy Barrows West

    Baugh, Rhita Wright (Peggy) Rhita Peggy Baugh

    Baxter, Myrta Louis Blake & Myrta Baxter Boyle

    Bennett, William D. (David) W. David Bennett

    Bisha, Helen Ray Carl & Helen Bisha DePrima

    Bishop, Marilene Kay (Bish) Dennis & Marilene Bishop Nevins

    Black, Henry Peter, II. (Hank) Henry P.Hank Black, II

    Blee, Jenipher Jean (Jen) Jennefer Blee Blackwell

    Block, David Lee (Dave) David L. Block

    Boebinger, Jenne Lee (Jen) Jenne Boebinger Headrin

    Bohannon, Colleen Erin (Sunny) Steve & Colleen Bohannon Berry

    Bower, Robert Lynn (Bob) Robert L. Bower

    Bowling, Mac Alden (Mac) Mac A. Bowling

    Breeland, Sara Elizabeth (Betty) Betty Breeland Marquette

    Brooks, Marian Fairleigh Marian Brooks Fister

    Brown, Janice Eline (Brownie) Janice Brown Parsons

    Brown, Naomi Ruth (Nabo) Henry J. & Naomi Brown Scheirich

    Brown, William Peter (Bill) William P. Bill Brown, Jr.

    Brucken, Georgia Anne Georgia Brucken Tasker

    Brunnhoeffer, Gilbert Charles Frederick, Ill (Jim) Marilyn Gordon McCarthy (62) & Jim Brunnhoeffer, III

    Burnett, Darlene (Dart) Darlene Burnett & Robert Matlock, MD

    Burrice, John Walter (Jack) John W. Jack Burrice

    Burton, Charles Hugh (Chuck) Charles H. Chuck Burton

    Burton, David Alexander, Jr. (Dave) David A. Dave Burton

    Campbell, Evelyn Glenn Evelyn Campbell Peterson 4/14/194412/17/2007

    Campbell, Hugh A. (Buddy) Hugh A. Buddy Campbell

    Carapezza, Carolyn Carolyn Carapezza

    Cardwell, Charlotte Jo (Jo) Joe & Charlotte Cardwell Johnson

    Carlton, Joseph Edward (Joey) Joseph E. Carlton

    Carpenter, Eileen Marie Eileen Carpenter Mahoney

    Carrell, William Philip (Bill ) Bill & Janice Carrell

    Carroll, Charles Thomas Jr. (Tom) C. Thomas Carroll, Jr.

    Carson, Susan V. (Sue) Susan V. Carson

    Carter, Karen Lee Karen Carter Stone

    Cary, Patricia Lafoy (Pat) Patrick L. & Pattie Cary Vaughn

    Case, Ron Allen (Ronnie) Ronald A. Case

    Cates, Linda Ann Linda Cates Lacy

    Cave, Margaret Owen (Margie) James & Margie Cave Conklin

    Chambers, Janet Lynn Janet Chambers Board

    Chang, Bruce S. Ann & Bruce S. Chang, MD

    Clark, George Alexander George A. & Mary Clark

    Clarkson, Jeannette Shannon Shannon Clarkson

    Clay, Eugene Autry (Gene) Eugene A. Gene Clay

    Clay, Kathryn Lee (Kay) John & Kay Clay Mudd

    Cleveland, David L. (Dave) David & Sharon Cleveland

    Cleveland, Joyce Craig Joyce C. Cleveland

    Waggener High School Alumni, 1962:

  • 1962 Alumni: Colvin, Cassandra C. Max & Cassandra Colvin Carr

    Conley, David Royse (Dave) David R. Conley

    Conrad, Stanley N. (Stan) Stanley Conrad

    Copeland, Clay Stegar Clay & Alice Copeland

    Corey, Rita Connie Connie Corey

    Cornelius, Douglas Douglas Cornelius

    Corum, David A. (Dave) David Corum

    Costello, Barbara Sue (Susie) Barbara Costello Slusher

    Craig, George Douglas (Dunk) George Douglas Craig

    Crane, Margaret Ann Margaret Crane Dages

    Cravens Thomas Francis (Tom) Thomas F. Cravens

    Cromeans, Martha Ann (Red) Edward & Martha Cromeans Reese

    Crowe, Emily Dent (Dent) Emily Crowe LeCroy 12/16/2003

    Cundiff, Ronald, (Ron) Ron & Mary Lynn Cundiff

    Cunningham, William Joe William Joseph Cunningham May, 2012 AI

    Curry, Joseph Charles, Jr. (Joey) Joe & Teri Curry

    Cushman, Nancy Jean Nancy J. Cushman

    Dew, Allen S. Allen & Patricia Dew

    Diesel, Paul Michael Paul M. Diesel

    Dixon, Shelby Jo (Chub) Shelby Jo Dixon

    Dorsey, Deborah Sue (Debby) Deborah Dorsey Goldenberg

    Downs, Patricia Morrison (Tricia) John & Patricia Downs Thomas

    Dula, Sue Ellen Malcolm & Sue Ellen Dula Pettit

    Dula, Sybil Ann Sybil Dula Morgan

    Dulworth, Jerry A. Jerry A. Dulworth

    Duncan, Jacqueline Gaye Gaye Duncan Holman

    Durbin, Stephen Wayne (Steve) Steve & Delores Durbin

    Durham, Sara Sara D. Fredenberger

    Eastes, Beverly Kay (Bay) Louis & Beverly Eastes Jaquith

    Elias, Kenny Kenny Elias

    Evans, Sherry Ann Sherry Ann Evans

    Fiala, John E. John & Margaret Fiala

    Field, John Martin John M. Field

    Flack, Pamela Lee (Pam) Pamela Flack Key & Richard A. Linden

    Fleischaker, Joan Joan Fleischaker Evers 3/1980

    Fletcher, Jan Frederick Jan & Melodye Fletcher

    Fletcher, Mary Jane Mary Jane Fletcher 2/28/1992

    Florence, Linda Rae Linda Florence Pumphrey

    Fritsch, Robert Gentry (Bob) Robert Gentry Bob Fritsch

    Garber, Diane Tom & Diane Garber Brown

    Gass, Beverly Ann (Bunny) Beverly Bunny Gass

    Gibson, Judith Ann (Judy) Judy Gibson Hawkins

    Gilbert, Jeff Horton (Jeff) Jeff & Jane Gilbert

    Gilbert, John Payne (Rhino) John Payne Gilbert 3/24/1943 6/17/1994

    Givan, Paula Kay Paula K. Givan

    Glore, Harold Wayne Harold & Linda Glore

    Gordon, Barbara (Barb) Barbara Gordon Williams

    Gordon, Marilyn Gail Jim, III (62) & Marilyn Gordon McCarthy Brunnhoeffer

    Grattan, Patricia Clair (Pat) Patricia Clair Pat Grattan Ludesaw 4/11/1944 1990s

    Grattan, Thomas Lee (Tom) Thomas & Sharon Grattan

    Gresham, Cheryl P