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Vicky Halls CAT CONFIDENTIALThe Ezine Your Cat Would Want You To Read!June 2011Click here to share Your Cat Behaviour Stories At Vickys Facebook Community!!/ group.php?gid=68810031153

Inside This IssueSpecial FeaturesCOAPE Feline Behaviour Courses Cats Protection Grand Craft Bazaar The Story of Two Pregnant Cats Cool for Cats... New Cat Puzzle Feeder - Our Review! IPAWS - Cattery Rating Scheme How Confident is Your Cat? Using Feliway Spray General Advice The Story of Willow and Dylan Your Cat Magazine Brand New Look! Cat Rescuers Take a Leap of Faith Cat Webinar

Summer Sizzler!Bumper Summer Edition! For many of us its that time of year when we start to see less of our feline family member who may be spending more time outdoors.So whilst the cats away, why not take a little time out to read our bumper summer edition of Cat Confidential! In this edition we offer you a plethora of new features and interesting insights. Did you know theres a recognised

rating system for catteries? We tell you more...

of some of the fundraising activities of our cat rescue centres along with a useful summer tip of the month. Theres some product reviews and... did you hear the one about the cat that helped its feline friend give birth? For these and lots more practical and informative features, read on!! We hope you enjoy it. Vicky

Following on from a discussion on Vickys Facebook Group about becoming a Cat Behaviour Counsellor we give you details of some great courses! As summers finally here, we also bring you details

Do You Own an Indoor-Only Cat?Our August ezine will be an indoor cat special. So wed love to hear stories about your indoor cats.Perhaps you could tell us why your cat stays indoors. Is he a special breed? Does he have a disability or illness such as FIV? How has he adjusted to life indoors and have you adapted your house in any way to cater for his indoor needs? Wed love to find out, so please send your stories and photos to:

Regular FeaturesCat Behaviour Facebook Group June Prize Draw! Tip of the Month Cat of The Month Breed Profile Video of the Month Rehoming Stories and Happy Endings

COAPE Feline Behaviour CoursesFAB10: Foundation Award in Feline Friendly Nursing - Essential Cattitude FAB12: Advanced Award in Feline Friendly Nursing workings of the Cat's Mind developing your knowledge and skills of interpretation of the behaviour of the cat. C07: Advanced Diploma Qualifying Entry Course - An Advanced Award With Specially Selected Units in a range of topics including feline behaviour AB01: You And Your Cat A course to help you understand the true nature of your cat. Explore your relationship with this cuddle-loving yet supremely designed top-ofthe-food chain predator AB02: You and Your Rescue Cat - A course for anyone who is thinking of adopting a new bundle of feline fun from a rescue shelter, or who already has one and wants to understand and cater better for their rescue cat or kitten.

The Centre of Applied Pet Ethology ( offers a wide range of feline behaviour courses for everyone interested in the behaviour of the cat.Whether youre a practising, or aspiring companion animal behaviour professional, a Veterinary Nurse working with cats in practice, or youre just interested in learning more about your own pet's behaviour, COAPE can offer you a fascinating, challenging and fully accredited course to suit. If you are a vet or a vet nurse, our accredited courses count towards your annual CPD (Continuing Professional Development) requirement.

An Advanced Award in Canine Friendly Nursing is also now available!

Advanced Certificate Courses The professional dedicated qualification for anyone seeking to become a pet behaviour therapist.CDP: Advanced Diploma Stage 1 - The Theoretical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training - DipCABT CDPH: Advanced Diploma Stage 2 - The Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training DipCABT (Hons)

Courses for Veterinary Nurses The first distance learning courses written to meet Nurses needs of ongoing education and CPD that bring together all aspects of feline friendly nursing, from behaviour and handling to nutrition and clinical management from the welfare perspective. These courses are written by the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB/ESFM), in association with COAPE and others.

Feline Courses Courses for owners, vets, vet nurses and other professionals, and graduates who want to develop their knowledge and skills in the field of feline behaviour and behaviour therapy.C03: Think Cat Stage 1 - Homing in on The Highly Specialised Yet Enigmatic Nature of the Pet Cat - understanding more about feline predatory and social behaviour, and the fascinating relationship between cats and their owners. C04: Think Cat Stage 2 - Psychological And Physiological Processes, Exploring Feline Psychology and the Inner

All COAPE courses are written and tutored by internationally recognised practical, academic and practising authorities. COAPE has been approved by the National Open College Network (NOCN) as a Centre recognised to deliver accredited learning, meeting national quality standards.

COAPE Feline Behaviour Courses (continued)COAPE is also an Accredited Course Provider for the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) as part of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Partners Scheme. Please visit the COAPE website for more details at

Students listen attentively during a COAPE study session.

Vicky says: COAPE has been a big name in companion animal behaviour training for many years and its range of courses is so extensive now there should be something for everyone! The Think Cat and Advanced Diploma Courses are particularly relevant to those wishing to pursue Cat Behaviour Counselling as a career

Cats Protection - Grand Craft BazaarFollowing the success of previous years' events, the Friends of Cat Protection's Bredhurst Kent Adoption Centre are organising a Grand Craft Fair.The Craft Fair will take place at their Centre in Matts Hill Road (just outside Bredhurst village), ME9 7XA, Kent, UK on SUNDAY JUNE 5th, from 11am - 4pm. There will be a huge variety of Kentish products on sale, including plants, home-made jams, local honey and cakes, ceramics, textiles, handcrafted glass and jewellery - the list goes on! To add to the fun, there will be Face Painting and Scotty's Circus Workshop for the youngsters, as well as top quality refreshments, ice creams and BBQ, plus bric-a-brac galore, books, raffles, tombolas and games. In fact something for everyone in the lovely setting of the Adoption Centre grounds. With free parking nearby and entrance only 50p per person, why not come along and make a day of it whilst supporting a really good cause?

One Cats Helps Another Give Birth!This is the story of Nelly and Mischea whose bond was so close that one even helped her soul mate give birth!Though I have always enjoyed breeding my Russian Blues, I have never experienced such joy as when my two Kimara girls came to live with me. Born and bred in the same house, these two girls have a bond stronger than I have ever seen amongst my family group of Russians. They share everything. The latter became even more evident when both girls were pregnant. Mischea gave birth first to 5 healthy kittens. Nelly was awed by it and did not come close for a while. About 3 weeks later it was her turn to give birth and the strong bond between them was fully restored. During the whole birthing process Mischea left her own small kittens alone to help her best friend give birth. She supported Nelly, cleaned up, bit umbilical cords and ate afterbirths.

Nelly and Mischea help each other with the washing up!

When all was over Mischea gave her a thorough washing from ear to tail before she went back to her own brood. Within days both mothers shared the tasks of caring for their kittens.

Two of Nellys 5 kittens, now 8 months old, remain in our house and enjoy the care of both cats equally. Even though Nellys son Leo is already bigger than his mom, he still sometimes drinks with her and asks for cuddles and a washing which she we give him gladly. Mischea will not suckle him but will cuddle up with him and wash him. The same goes for Nellys little daughter Lyusya. Thanks to Yasmin TrokWijnands, Netherlands for sharing this story with us.

Cats of Claw Hill Makes a Comeback!Yes, its back by popular demand! The success of Cats of Claw Hill, means that the entire series is being repeated this month!The series, featuring Vicky, will run from 31st May to 9th June on Animal Planet, airing at 4pm every weekday (one episode a day), repeating the next day at 9am. On Saturday 18th June the whole series repeats in one go, starting at 1pm and finishing at 5pm. Of course this can be subject to last minute schedule changes but we have been informed that this is unlikely. So if you missed it first time round, heres a second chance to catch it! And if you do watch it, please do let us know what you think!

Facebook Cat Behaviour Group UpdateTheres been an interesting and frank conversation between two members of Vickys Facebook Group, who are now living in the Middle East. They compare views on the treatment of cats in this part of the world. So if you are new to another country and would like to understand the views of the local people towards cats, from someone in a similar position, you might want to try posting to the Group to see if theres anyone who can help. We had a plea for help from one member of the Group whose cats were not happy since the arrival of a new baby. In this instance the situation had become very severe, with one of the cats house-soiling and behaving aggressively. In these situations its vital to speak to a behaviourist who will talk you through your options. In general though, preAs youll know if youve read any of Vickys books, inter-cat aggression is a common behavioural symptom of multicat households. Each situation can be very different depending on the environment, the feline relationships and how us humans respond to the situation, and usually requires a thorough investigation by a behaviourist. If you have something that youd like to discuss with likeminded feline fans, please become a member of Vickys Facebook Group by clicking on the Facebook widget: And be sure to check out Vickys handy video tips on her Facebook page! 23!/group.php? gid=68810031153

Come and join in our discussions or write Something on my Wall! Vicky

vention is better than cure, and if youre going to have a baby, planning ahead can help ease the cats through this period of change. Weve had a large number of enquiries recently relating to inter-cat aggression and this problem is also reflected in the Group.

June Prize Draw!This month, weve got a stinky prize to offer your catnip-loving feline!Yeowww have brought out a new super-strength catnip product called Sardine Stinkies which were offering to you in a whacky presentation tin. Your cat will go mad for them them! And for those of you whose cats need to take regular tablets, we have a handy little gadget that were also throwing in! Pill aid is a 4 in 1 splitter, crusher cup and container for your cats tablets. All subscribers to the ezine as at midday on Monday 25th July will be entered into the draw.

Tip of The MonthAttention owners of pale cats... Too much sun can be bad for your cat too! This can lead to ulceration, referred to as solar dermatitis, and eventually to skin cancer in severe cases so it's not to be taken lightly. Prevention is better than cure so a little waterproof sunscreen on your cat's ears before goingout may be helpful, although cats usually groom this off fairly quickly! Check with your vet for a recommendation of the appropriate sun block to use. However, the only really effective measure, once symptoms are seen, is confinement indoors during the daytime.

Now the summer is here don't forget your cat can suffer from sunburn too! Susceptible cats are those with white or palecoloured ears and faces.If they are exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight they will get sore, scaly skin, particularly on the ear tips.

Its for your own good Jimmy!

Cool For CatsContinuing the summery theme, we thought wed share with you an idea sent in by Melanie, one of our Ezine readers, for allowing cats a shady spot out of the sun...I obtained this for the garden, so in the good and bad weather the cats, if they dont want to come indoors, can stay in the garden. Of course, they usually sit under a bush straight on the mud, but I always like to provide cover. Its plastic, but stays rather cool for them... Its quite basic really - called the "Cat Igloo". It still has to be placed in the shade as its plastic and will warm up, but under a bush or staircase, its purrfect. My cat Fizz loves it rain or shine and I also used it in the recent bad weather for a stray cat that I couldnt catch, to give him some shelter from the snow. I placed a piece of vet bed in there to make it cosier and given the choice in the nice weather they laze about in it !

Please Note: this is a reader suggestion and not something that Vicky is able to recommend as she hasnt seen it or tested it first hand.

New Cat Puzzle Feeder - Our Review!A few weeks ago, here at Vickys office we were very excited to receive one of the latest Cat Puzzle Feeders to the market. - the CatitR Design Senses Food Maze.Heres how Hagen, the makers of the Maze describe it: The CatitR Design Senses Food Maze is the smart way to feed your cat and offer various levels of difficulty to challenge your cat's abilities. The cat moves the food or treats through the maze by pawing at it through the side openings until it drops down to the food tray.So, with cats experienced in puzzle feeding, Vicky and Clare decided theyd both like to test it out. Vickys cat Mangus went first... Mangus approached the Cat-It Maze with great enthusiasm and watched me carefully as I distributed the biscuits on the upper level. She quickly realised (more by accident I would suggest) that the biscuits were falling through to the middle section but, rather embarrassingly, spent far too long trying to extract the central bump on the plastic tray, probably thinking this looked like an extra big treat that was worth the effort. Whilst doing this a few kibbles fell through to the bottom and she eventually ate these.

Next it was the turn of Clares cats, Billy and Jimmy ... Well Billy and Jimmy were not as immediately successful in their initial attempts. Being used to puzzle feeders where the food is retrieved from the sides of a feeder, this posed an extra challenge as they realised they couldnt (try as they might) drag the biscuits out of the holes at the side! This left them distinctly grumpy and they abandoned it for a whole day, choosing to sulk instead. However...