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Using in the Classroom. Chris Walter August 2012 Mt. Healthy Amazing Race PD. Your 3-Ring Binder for the Web. Become acquainted with Livebinders as a tool to collect, organize and share resources with students, colleagues and parents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Using Livebinders in the Classroom

Using in the Classroom

Chris WalterAugust 2012 Mt. Healthy Amazing Race PD

Welcome to Livebinders.

I am Chris Walter and I have been with Mt. Healthy for 9 years. I started at South Elementary the year keyboarding was moved into the junior high and development and curriculum for 7th and 8th grade pc apps. Last year in collaboration with Lori Miller I helped develop the Web 2.0 class we offered to high school students. I also maintain the Mt. Healthy Technology wiki which is a great resource for teachers looking for ideas on how to develop 21st century skills through technology integration. Ill put that website up at the end because this slide show will be included on that wiki for your future reference.

I became aware of Livebinders in 2011 but really got fired up about in when I attended etech this last year and heard about the many ways Livebinders are being used in the classroom with students, collaborating and sharing with colleagues, and communicating with parents.

So lets take a look at Livebinders1Your 3-Ring Binder for the Web

Livebinders is your3-ring binder for the web where you can assemble web pages, videos, pdf documents and worksheets, pictures, etc. all in one place. Just imagine if you want to assemble all your Black History month activities in one place including web resource links, videos, project guidelines and deadlines, etc. Perhaps you used to keep all your project-based handouts, packets, etc. in a binder well now that binder is live and can be accessed at school or home. 2What can you expect from this session?Become acquainted with Livebinders as a tool to collect, organize and share resources with students, colleagues and parentsDevelop ideas on how you could use Livebinders in your classroomsView and save established public binders in many subject areasRegister and create your own bookshelf for favorite bindersBegin your own LivebinderShare your ideas and findings with others

What can you expect from todays session?

Read the listing.3Lets take a look at

So lets watch a short video at the livebinders website that describes the idea behind livebinders and then well talk about some specific ways you could use this tool.4Livebinders in your classroomThere are hundreds of ideas for how to use Livebinders and Im sure by the end of this session today you will have many to share with the group that youve though of. Here are a few to get you thinking5So lets explore some Livebinders

So lets go back to the livebinder site and get going. The first thing we are going to do is look at the site itself so you can navigate through it easily.

Click the tab for signup and lets get everyone registered so as you find binders you think are interesting and of potential use, you can save them to your own personal shelf. Note: You can also create livebinder accounts for students by piggybacking on your own gmail account: clwalter52+Joe

Once you are registered, you get to your own home page with the dashboard on the left. You can start your own bookshelf so as you surf through the public binders, you can put them on your own shelf for future reference. For example, I may have a binder for Web 2.0, a binder for professional development, a binder for keyboarding activities, etc. Please create at least 1 shelf. I would suggest making it private for now. You can always share with colleagues or students by creating and sharing an access key/word.

Now if you look at the right side of your screen you will be all the categories of binders and a search button if you want more specific information. Notice Common Core is listed as a category. Lets spend about 15-20 minutes just viewing some binders, storing some on your shelf (feel free to create a new shelf if you need a new category). When you find an interesting binder you want to save, click the options button below it and save it to your shelf.


6LiveBinder Bookmark ToolClick on the Tools tab at the top of your page and select the top link for LiveBinder It Bookmark tool. This will allow you to save websites to your own binders as you browse.

Looking at other binders is fun and useful. But what if you find a website when you are browsing and want to add it to your own binder. Thats where the LiveBinder Bookmark Tool will be of help.

Click on the Tools tab at the top of your page and select the link for LiveBinderIt Bookmark tool. Follow the 4 steps to install the tool on your favorite bar. Now when you are browsing and you want to save a page you just click on the bookmarklet and a dialog box will open and you can save it to existing or new binder.

Ill give you a few minutes to accomplish this and then we are going to move on to creating a blank binder.

7Tutorials available in LiveBinder


subtabBefore we go any further, Id like to show you where there are tutorials that you can go back and revisit. Notice the tab at the top Learn More. The subtab Tutorials is where you will find many tutorials that can help you as you develop your own LiveBinder. Notice that this tab/subtab structure is the same as in the Livebinder.

Note also the tab that says Blog on it. Reading blogs is a great way to find out what other people are doing with livebinders, tips and tricks, etc.

Lets take a 5-minute stretch break. Be thinking about a topic you might want to develop a livebinder for maybe Qtr 1 projects, or a specific topic. When we come back we are going to begin to develop a binder.

So now we are ready to develop our own binder. 8Developing Your Own BinderReturn to your dashboard and find the Start a Blank Binder icon.

Enter the name of your binder and then a description. I have started a binder I intend to use for my Web 2.0 students to create e-portfolios of all their work they will do for me over the semester. I created this as private and the Access Key is simply my name.

You can fill a binder by using a Google Search for example, you could create a binder about the Civil War by clicking yes and then typing Civil War in the Google search box. Your binder will be a compilation of sites/information you could use it as a starting point and delete tabs you dont want, add ones you do, etc. 10So here is what your new binder will look like

So this is what a blank binder looks like. Your edit menu button on the right is how you add websites, files, media, etc.Click the Edit Menu button.11

Click Quick Guide for more help

Tips and TricksPlan your binder I type topics and subtopics in before I begin to popular the binder. You can always change/add/delete tabs but it gives you a structure for your binder.

To upload Word documents, you must save as in PDF format.

You can create your documents in Google Docs and it will automatically update in LiveBinders whenever you make changes.

SAVE FREQUENTLY!!!!Now Its Your TurnYour Exit TicketGo to

Professional Development link on the left

Complete the Corkboard Me activity (be sure you select the Livebinders activity)Last 5-7 minutes of presentation.16