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  • 1. Presented: February 17, 2011 By: Karin Khuhro, Strategy E-ssentials, Inc.


  • If you like a Facebook Page, everyone can see your Personal Profile.
  • FALSE:You determine what is seen based on your Privacy Settings.
  • Its not important to keep my LinkedIn profile up-to-date.
  • FALSE:If your profile is out-of-date, you loose the opportunity to get future business and valuable connections.
  • As a member of a Meetup Group, I dont need to RSVP.
  • FALSE:Outsiders are looking at your group and deciding whether or not they should check out your meetings. If it looks like attendance is low, or no one is interested, they will move on to other groups with more activity.

Visit us at: 3. Visit us at: 4.

  • Create a community.
  • Increase awareness.
  • Keep top-of-mind for your followers.
  • Forum for new ideas and inspiration.
  • Promote membership & businesses.

Visit us at: 5. Visit us at: 1 2 3 4 5 6 *See Appendix for samples, ideas & more. 1. Maximize featured photo (180x540).* 2. Increase Likes. At 25 create an alias.3. Post 2 to 3x per week.* 4. Maximize navigation & delete unused. 5. Update photos at least 1x per month. 6. Add special elements such as a video. 7. Feature members and their business with a SlideShare presentation, photos and/or video. 7 6. Visit us at: 7.

  • Review connections for referral and membership opportunities.
  • Develop & re-establish business relationships.
  • Thousands of specialized groups to talk to.
  • Let your connections know about your meetings & events.
  • Keep top-of-mind through regular updates.

Visit us at: 8. Visit us at: ACTION Post updates on Wednesday while preparing for meeting and Thursday after meeting feedback. RESULT You, your business and your chapter keep top-of-mind for your connections. TIP Be sure your privacy settings do not prevent your connections from seeing your updates. 9. Visit us at: 10.

  • Get found by business owners seeking face-to-face networking opportunities.
  • Connect with complementary business groups.
  • Preview who will be at the meeting.
  • Post chapter information.
  • Learn about business owners & professionals.

Visit us at: 11. Visit us at: 1 2 3 4 5 1. Just opening the doors the chapter has 130 people interested! 2. RSVP even if you are not sure you will be able to make it each week. 3. Update your profile. 4. Add photos here when you add FB photos. 5. Start discussions for more interest. 12.

  • Sign into Facebook and LIKE the Southwest Metro BNI page.
  • Update my LinkedIn profile, review connections and post an update.
  • RSVP in Meetup for the next 6 to 12 months.

Visit us at: 13. THANK YOU Karin Khuhro (952) 270-0029 Visit us at: 14. Visit us at: 15. Visit us at: Question: Where do I find the like button? At the top, to the right of the business name. Question: How do I find Businesses in Facebook? Enter the business name into the search box. 16.

  • Once you get to 25 likes set up your alias before someone else takes your business name! For example
  • Worried about getting to 25 likes? Post your page name on LinkedIn groups such as the MainStreet Chamber MN. Many groups are ASKING to follow your group or business.
  • Check your privacy setting regularly (upper right under Account).

Visit us at: 17.

  • Be sure your fellow members sign in and like your page.
  • Send a thank youemailto Guests with a link to the Facebook page. Encourage them to follow you to stay up-to-date.
  • Post outside of Facebook and mention your Facebook page.
  • Ask your page admin to post on other FB pages as the Southwest Metro Chapter. You can do this as your business too.
  • Add Facebook to the newspaper and other advertisements.

Visit us at: 18.

  • Post a thank you to visitors by name. For example, Thanks to Jane Doe from Ace Co. for visiting today!
  • Upcoming speakers with details that attract visitors.
  • Highlights from special events (even if its member-only).
  • Tell people about open membership seats. For example: Welcoming web designers, painters, etc.
  • Quote of the week.

Visit us at:

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  • Introduce new members. Today we welcomed Joe Smith from XYZ into our chapter.
  • Photos and/or video of meetings, presentations, events, room, events, etc.
  • Special offers from group members. WARNING do not post marketing and sales messages on a regular basis. Once in a while is great, too often is a turn off.
  • Link to other small business education websites and resources.
  • Tips, tricks and education from members. Every week members share educational tips and pass along important knowledge, why not share with a broader group while promoting your chapter, your business and yourself?

Visit us at: 20.

  • Sign up for groups. Discuss & respond to questions. Groups to check out:
    • LinkedIn Minnesota
    • Mainstreet Chamber Minnesota
    • Minnesota Small Business
    • Minnesota Small Business Powered by SCORE
    • Minnesota Small Business Education
    • NAWBO Minnesota (National Association of Women Business Owners)
    • On Startups
    • Small Business Online Community
    • Small Business Network

Visit us at: LinkedIn 21.

  • Shorten that link:
  • TweetDeck : easily connect you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and more.
  • Free, quality. stock photos to jazz up your

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