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Wholesale Distribution Roundtable Planning for Your UpgradeSession Code: 3306





[ AgendaERP6 Upgrade Implementation Roundtable Open discussion on how the following Wholesale Distributors handled their SAP upgrade

Powell Electronics Bob Oldrati Border States Electric Michelle Perius Graybar Marty Joyce Newell Rubbermaid Glenn Griffin Summit Electric David Wascom

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ Powell Electronics

Bob Oldrati

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ About Powell Electronics64-year old privately-held Wholesale Distributor specializing in electronic connectors, sensors, switches, and heatshrinkable products. Family owned business, headquartered in Swedesboro, NJ. Branches in North America, Europe and China.

SMB ~ $100 Million salesSAP Landscape: Business Suite 7Winner of 2007 ASUG SME Impact Award

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ How Can We Get Approval in a Down Economy?CIO thinks: this is the perfect time for an upgradeLots of consultants on the bench Hardware prices coming down CIO knows a big number will scare the CEO.

CEO thinksI dont want to spend a lot of money in these uncertain economic times No layoffs If its not broke, dont fix it

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ Why Upgrade? Why Now? Building the BusinessCase has SAP done for Wholesale Distribution? WhatIts certainly not in R/3 4.7

SAPs Wholesale Distribution Business UnitMade Roadmap presentation to Powell Executive team Shared SAPs vision and direction

Used Sandbox ECC 6 / 64 Bit server to benchmark response timesSaw a 74% improvementWow, with this we can give our folks much better tools!

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ Wholesale Distribution Roadmap: Value to Powell

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[Upgrade Components: Organize Key Project PhasesNewer, faster, 64-bit, dual/quad core servers New 64-bit OS and SQL Server Enhance SAP user security Upgrade/relocate Disaster Recovery hardware ABAP Optimization and Remediation Target: ECC6 EhP 4 Capture Business Processes Needed for testing and training Testing Basis work Netweaver Enhancement Packages New functionality Testing and training needed Freeze Development Mock go-lives

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[Key Preparation Phase:

What would we need to do anyway?Newer, faster, 64-bit, dual/quad core servers New 64-bit OS and SQL Server Virtualize DEV and QAS Enhance SAP user security Upgrade/relocate Disaster Recovery hardware ABAP Optimization and Remediation Upgrade Solution Manager and attach to landscape Capture Business Processes in Solution Manager Also supports parallel effort by CEO to develop SOPs for our Business Processes Can be parallel efforts because they use different resources.

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ Key Preparation Phase

Overview of Upgrade Cycle with New Servers Symmetrys Poor Mans UpgradeOld HardwareTransports Transports



PRDe rad pg u en DB Copy then upgrade y th

DB Copy then upgrade

New Hardware QAS2) Copy PRD for QAS Upgrade


p Co

DEV1) Migrate and Upgrade DEV



PRD4) PRD Upgrade

3) Copy PRD again for Mock-PRD Upgrade

Real Experience. Real Advantage.



Key Preparation Phase: What will break in ERP6?ABAP Remediation with Panaya

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ Key Preparation PhaseABAP Remediation Panaya Project Planning and Execution

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ The Lean Implementation TeamImplementation Partner : Innovant ConsultingProven track record with Powell and other SMEs Offshore ABAP team experienced with Panaya On-site resources experienced with Solution Manager, Business Process mapping, and integrating Test Workbench with Business Process Total Headcount: Repository

Total Headcount: Powell 3 Powell Team Innovant: 7 IT Director as project owner On-Site 3 SAP Project Manager Morocco 3 Project Mgr 1 Experienced Business Process Expert Symmetry Experienced Project Manager

Technical Lead: Expert with Powells Z programs and transactions Hardware/Network AdministratorReal Experience. Real Advantage.13

[ Solution Manager PreparationUpgrade to Enterprise Version Business Process Workshops with key Subject Matter ExpertsBased on Wholesale Distribution Roadmap

Transaction Analysis Workshop12 months of user activity by transaction Key to Business Process Repository and Test Plan Key to Process-based authorizations

Innovant team took results of Business Process workshops and transaction analysisLoaded Solution Manager Business Process repository in Solution Manager Derived a comprehensive, business process-based test plan.Real Experience. Real Advantage.14

[ Security Re-design & ImprovementBefore: Previous Security roles had some holes Difficult to maintain or enhance Profile Generator (SU25) not well configured During the project: Used Innovant Security design methodology, the Solman blueprint and RBE output to re-design all business roles Single and derived roles to satisfy the global design and organizational limitation Combined the Upgrade End-User testing and Security Testing Go-live was successfulReal Experience. Real Advantage.15

[ Wrap-UpMake several smaller projects out of one big projectWhat projects would you need to do with or without and upgrade?

Key Preparation PhasesThe Poor Mans Upgrade ABAP Remediation Made Easy Security Overhaul The Lean Implementation Team The 11 Week Upgrade

Solution Manager: The Key To a Successful UpgradeReal Experience. Real Advantage.16

[ Key LearningsHow Powell leveraged a cost-effective tool from Panaya to shave weeks off the upgrade timeline and eliminate program change risk. How Powell made effective use of SAP Solution Manager to capture business processes using the wholesale distribution roadmap. How Powell leverage the upgrade work to re-design security How Powell developed a comprehensive test plan using the built-in SAP Solution Manager test workbench.

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ Border States Electric Wholesale Distributor

Michelle Perius

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ About Border States ElectricEstablished in 1952 Sales exceed $900 million Inventory value approximately $100 million Ranked 10th largest by Electrical Wholesaling Corporate headquarters located in Fargo, ND

60 branches in 14 U.S. states & MexicoESOP 100% employee-owned company

1,250+ employee-ownersWinner of 2008 ASUG Large Enterprise Impact Award

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ Border States Branch Locations

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ Border States SAPHistoryLive on SAP R/3 4.0B version on February 1st, 1999 Upgrade to SAP R/3 4.7 Thanksgiving weekend 2004 SAP R/3 ERP6 EhP 4 November, 22 2009

Applications Team enhance & support applications8 System/Business Analysts & 5 Developers

R/3 Modules: CO, FI, HR, LE, MM, SD Interfacing applicationsPaymetric/XI Pay Taxware/Tax Automation Esker DeliveryWare Resite (Insite) Inovis EDI Kronos Time and Attendance SupplyTrax VMI Toolcrib Signature Capture Readsoft Vendor Invoice image processing

Other SAP solutions:IP Module Incentives (Apr 2005) & Paybacks (Aug 2005) RF Mobile WebDynpro (Oct 2006) / Mobile Infrastructure (Feb 2007) CRM/ISA (March 2007) / MDM (Feb 2007) /Enterprise Portal (March 2007) PI (March 2007) Adobe Interactive Forms (2006)Real Experience. Real Advantage.21

[ Border States ERP6 Implementation ScopeR3 4.7 -> ERP6 Enhancement Pack 4 Technical Upgrade No Unicode conversion Budget Utilize internal resources minimize spend Defined timeline June 2009 Go-Live November 2009 (Thanksgiving Weekend)

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ Border States Implementation Project TeamPartners SAPBasis consultant

IBMVery limited remote assistance

Full Time Project Team Continued production support and maintenance activities Completed development projects midway Business Project Team involvement which varied with the project phases

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ Border States ERP6 Upgrade Project PhasesPhases Preparation - Timeline 6/1 7/14 Project prep/scope definition Wrapped up pre-upgrade development projects Prepared systems for upgrade Organized structure for Business Process Master Listing Finalize master custom object list for all systems Blueprint - Timeline 6/17 8/4 Unit Test Prep Stabilize ERP6 systems Business Continuity validation of ERP6 Development & QA system

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ Border States ERP6 Upgrade Project PhasesRealization 1 - Timeline 8/4 9/18 Unit Test Realization 2 - Timeline 9/18 11/4 Integration Prep Integration Test Cycle 1 Integration Test Cycle 2 Delta Training Prep Go Live Prep Timeline 11/2 - 11/16 Mock Cutover Business Readiness / Training Go Live 11/22/2009 One week ahead of schedule Post Go Live Timeline 11/30 12/31

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ Border States ERP6 Upgrade Project Phases

Real Experience. Real Advantage.


[ Border States Lessons LearnedPlan for production support and/or business critical enhancements/development during upgrade Do not minimize the time neces