United Kingdom Year of EU entry: 1973 Political system: Constitutional monarchy Capital city: London Total area: 242 500 km² Population: 60.4 million

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Slide 2 Slide 3 United Kingdom Year of EU entry: 1973 Political system: Constitutional monarchy Capital city: London Total area: 242 500 km Population: 60.4 million Currency: Pound sterling Listen to the official EU language: English The United Kingdom consists of England, Wales, Scotland (who together make up Great Britain) and Northern Ireland. The highest mountain is Ben Nevis in Scotland which reaches a height of 1,343m. The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. The main chamber of parliament is the lower house, the House of Commons, which has 646 members elected by universal suffrage. About 700 people are eligible to sit in the upper house, the House of Lords, including life peers, hereditary peers, and bishops. There is a Scottish parliament in Edinburgh with wide-ranging local powers, and a Welsh Assembly in Cardiff with more limited authority for Welsh affairs. Slide 4 . Two bakers at Borough Market offer organic pain de campagne, chocolate brownies, and rye and sour dough loaves - to give you entirely new thoughts about the baker's art Bread and meat Fish and chips You'll be able to find the best potted shrimp in Britain, plus wild fish, rabbits in their skins and hares in season. West Country divers sell fresh, hand collected scallops and will cook them for you. Slide 5 LONDON SOUVENIRS: You can buy these souvenirs in London. The mini-bus costs 2.59 and the mini- Buckhingham costs 0..99. You can buy a Mini Cooper in small version by 2.49. The mini England note book is very attractive and beautiful and its prize is 1.49. Finally, you can buy a small version of a Buckhingham Palace Royal Guard. It costs 1.29. Slide 6 SANTANDER /LONDON LONDON/ LIVERPOOL LIVERPOOL/ CARDIFF CARDIFF/ BILBO NEWCASTLE ACCOMMODATION 101.45 for 5 people. Two nights 197.65 for 5 people.Two nights. 340 for 5 people. Two nights. Sleep at home.OPTIONAL TRIP FOR A DAY TRAVELLING 83.96 for 5 people.(Santan der-London Stansted) 18:25/19:15 Ryanair 101.80 for 5 people.(London Gatwick- Liverpool) 08:50/11:20 British Airways 182.40 for 5 people. (Liverpool C- Cardiff Bute Rd) Britail. 233.75 for 5 people.(Cardiff -Bilbao) 13:35/22:05 Klm Royal Dutch Airlines Slide 7 Slide 8 Liverpool is a city in Merseyside, England, along the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary. Historically, it is part of Lancashire. Liverpool is one of England's core cities and its third most populous 447,500 in 2006. Built across a ridge of hills rising up to a height of around 70 metres above sea-level at Everton Hill, the city's urban area runs directly into Bootle and Crosby in Sefton to the north, and Huyton and Prescot in Knowsley to the east. It faces Wallasey and Birkenhead across the River Mersey to the west. Inhabitants of Liverpool are referred to as Liverpudlians but are also known as "Scousers". In 2007 the city celebrated its 800th anniversary, and in 2008 it holds the European Capital of Culture title together with Stavanger, Norway. Slide 9 The city of Liverpool was founded on 28 August 1207 by King John. It was a place to come and take up holdings. The Liverpool Castle was built in 1235. St Nicholas Church was built around 1257. Between 1257 and 1551 Liverpool was a small town near lakes. It wasnt a very important city when in England was a country war. Between 1730 and 1770 the city became richer saling and buying. Slide 10 Royal Liver Building The Royal Liver Building is one of the city of Liverpool's most recognisable landmarks. It stands at 90 metres and has 13 floors. The building is crowned by a pair of clock towers: as a ship passed along the river, the crew could tell the time from these. At the top of each tower stand the mythical Liver Birds, designed by Carl Bernard Bartels. Slide 11 Liverpool Cathedral Liverpool Cathedral is the Church of England cathedral of Liverpool. It was built on St. James' Mount in the centre of the city. It is the seat of the Anglican Bishop of Liverpool. Its official name is the Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool. The Anglican cathedral is one of the two cathedrals in the city. Port of Liverpool The Port of Liverpool is the name for the enclosed dock system that runs from Herculaneum Dock to Seaforth Dock, on the east side of the River Mersey, combined with the facilities built around the Great Float on the west side of the river. Slide 12 24th May 10:00am: Visit Royal Liver Building 14:00 pm: We are going to eat pizza.for lunch 16:00 pm: Visit the Port of Liverpool. 18:00 pm: Visit Anfild We are going to visit the stadium where Liverpool FC plays. 20:00 pm: We are gioing to have dinner in a typical British restaurant. Slide 13 25th May: 8:00 a.m.: We are going to wake up and have breakfast in the hostel. 10:00 a.m.: Visit the Unity Theatre. We are going to visit this theatre. Located in the city centre the, Unity Theatre is situated just off Hope Street across from the Philharmonic Hall. 13:00 p.m.: Have lunch We are going to eat fish and chips in a restaurant. 16:00 p.m.: Visit the World Museum Liverpool. We are going to visit this museum. It has thousands of fascinating exhibits, many on display for the first time. New galleries include World Cultures, the Bug House, a new Aquarium, the Weston Discovery Centre and Clore Natural History Centre. 20:00 p.m.: Have dinner. We are going to eat a sandwich. 22:00 p.m.: Back to the hostel. Slide 14 Its a newly refurbished backpackers lodge offering overnight accommodation including dorms and private rooms. Its situated in the diverse architectural Georgian Quarter of South Liverpool, the Lodge is only 5 minutes walk from the City Centre. Its located in a scenic area just a short walk from the city centre. It has a communal kitchen and dinning area, free hot showers, large lounge, Computer kiosks, Plasma TV with Satellite, Full central heating, Wifi Internet access, Free bedding, Garden with BBQ area, Secure cycle storage, Security Lockers, Luggage Store, Laundry facility, Secure Car Park, Continental Breakfast Included. Prize: 97,65 for 5 people. Slide 15 Slide 16 Slide 17 Slide 18 The prices include linen rental and continental breakfast. Each room is equipped with its own shower and sink. Each floor has its own toilets and communal kitchens. It also has a games room with pool tables and arcade machines. The bar can be a place to have a quiet drink or to party to the tunes of our resident DJ's. Parties and karaoke are organised for the guests every week. If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere, the coffee shop has SKY TV, internet and a phone room. It has a restaurant, which serves good and affordable meals, open for lunch and dinner. It also provides a free shuttle bus from Victoria Coach Station Arrivals. Two nights 81,16 Four friends. Slide 19 22nd May 10:00 am : Visit the Natural History Museum. We are going to have a scientific morning visiting this interesting museum. 13:00 pm: Have lunch Well buy a sandwhich. Prize: 5 15:00 pm: Visit Hyde Park. We are going to relax, feel nature and walk around this beautiful park. 19:00 pm: Go to Camden Lock We are going to go there and see a British market. 22:00 pm: Go back the hotel. We are going to go back to our the hotel and we are going to go to sleep because we will be very tired. Slide 20 23rd May 10:00 am: Visit Greenwich We are going to go to the Greenwich meridian. Visit the Observatory 14:00 pm: Have lunch. We are going to eat a hamburger. 16:00 pm: Go to Harrods We are going to visit this famous shopping center and we also are going to see British clothes. 21:00 pm: Have dinner. We are going to eat fish and chips in a typical British restaurant. Slide 21 London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. Near the Thames its on the southeast of the Great Britain island. It was created by romans in the 43 a.c. With 7.5 millions of inhabitants it is the biggest city of the European Union. Slide 22 LONDON was created by Romans. In the fifth century it became the capital city of Great Britain. The monarchy lived in Westminster. In 1666 a big fire destroyed a big part of London. After that, the architects began to construct new buildings. Between the 19th and 20th centuries, it was the biggest city in the world. On the Second World War the Germans bombed the city. 30,000 Londoners died. Slide 23 The Clock Tower is the world's largest four-faced, chiming clock. The structure is situated at the north-eastern end of the Houses of Parliament building in Westminster, London. It is often referred to as "Big Ben" which is actually the main bell housed within the Clock Tower. Green Park is one of the Royal Parks of London. Covering an area of about 21 hectares, it lies between London's Hyde Park and St. James's Park. Together with Kensington Gardens and the gardens of Buckingham Palace, these parks form an almost unbroken stretch of open land reaching from Whitehall and Victoria station to Kensington and Notting Hill. Slide 24 Harrods is a department store that specializes in luxury goods in London. The store occupies a 4.5-acre site and has over one million square feet of selling space in over 330 departments. This makes Harrods one of the largest department stores in the world, and the largest in the United Kingdom. The nearest tube station to the store is Knightsbridge. An entrance to the station is positioned adjacent to the store. Slide 25 Slide 26 Cardiff is the capital and largest city in Wales, with recent local government estimates stating the city's population as being 317,500. Cardiff is home to the Welsh government in Cardiff Bay and much of the media in Wales. Cardiff was made a city in 1905, and proclaimed capital of Wales in 1955. Slide 27 HISTORY A map of Cardiff from 1946 Romans established a fort in Cardiff called "the Fort of Didius". The town was first named Caerdidi (after Didius), then became corrupted into Caer-Taffe (meaning Fort on the Taff), then Caerdaff, then Cardiff. There is a seco