United Kingdom and Russia Test Review. The United Kingdom Which is a reason for the decline in manufacturing in the United Kingdom? A. trade competition.

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  • United Kingdom and RussiaTest Review

  • The United Kingdom Which is a reason for the decline in manufacturing in the United Kingdom? A. trade competitionB. not enough workers

  • The United Kingdom 2. Which accounts for most of the jobs in the United Kingdom?A. farmingB. manufacturingC. service industryD. tourism

  • The United Kingdom 3. Which makes the United Kingdom ideal for international banking?A. airportsB. climateC. locationD. natural resources

  • The United Kingdom 4. Which condition helps the United Kingdom become a leader in world trade?A. It is an island with a mild climate located near many other countries.B. Two percent of the people are farmers, and there is a lot of arable land.

  • The United Kingdom 5. Why is it surprising that the U.K. has such a mild climate?A. It is very far north.B. the ocean is always warmC. People in the U.K. like snow.D. It is warmer in the northern parts of the world.

  • The United Kingdom 6. What causes the U.K. to have an unusually mild climate?A. the Gulf StreamB. the mountains in the southeastC. Snowfall that is not very deep.D. the people of the U.K. need a mild climate?

  • The United Kingdom 7. What is an effect of a declining industry? A. Many people lose their jobs.B. People have an easy time finding a new job.

  • Russia 8. Which area of Russia has the greatest population? A. SiberiaB. Asian RussiaC. St. Petersburg D. European Russia

  • Russia 9. Which condition keeps Russias natural resources from being used?A. harsh climateB. lack of workersC. no market for themD. no government funding Between 60 and 70 percent of Russias vast landmass is covered by permafrost, and most of Russians known mineral reserves lie in frozen ground.

  • Russia 10. With its long northern coastline, what makes shipping in Russia so difficult?

  • The United Kingdom and Russia 11. How do the ports of the United Kingdom and Russia differ?

    United Kingdom Russia

  • The United Kingdom and RussiaIn what way are London and St. Petersburg alike?

    A. Trade CentersB. Capital Cities

  • The United Kingdom and Russia13. What problems do the UK and Russia have with their natural resources?

    United Kingdom Russia

  • The United Kingdom and Russia 14. How are Russia and the United Kingdom geographically different?

  • Vocabulary A. AgricultureB. Service Industry JobsC. PeninsulaD. PermafrostE. Arable Land F. Manufacturing

  • Agriculture

  • Service Industry Jobs

  • Peninsula A portion of land surrounded by water on three sides. Example: Iberian Peninsula

  • Permafrost

  • Arable Land Farmable Land = land that can be farmed.

  • Manufacturing


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