Unit 1 Making friends

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Unit 1 Making friends. More practice and Using English. A Listen and circle the correct answers. Miss Liu is very ______. a. young b. small c. busy. C. C. B. B. A. A. 2. ___ is a maths teacher in the school. a. Miss Liu b. Mr Xu c. Miss Ma. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Unit 1Making friends

  • More practice and Using English

  • A Listen and circle the correct answers.Miss Liu is very ______. a. young b. small c. busy2. ___ is a maths teacher in the school. a. Miss Liu b. Mr Xu c. Miss Ma3. Miss Mas handwriting is _______. a. clear b. beautiful c. childlike4. ____ is big and good at sports. a. Mr Zhang b. Mr Xu c. Miss Ma5. Mr Zhang says, _____ every day. Thats important! a. Speak English b. Practise maths c. Do exercise6. ______ is the class teacher. a. Miss Liu b. Mr Xu c. Miss Ma


  • Do You know?Miss LiuMr ZhangMr XuMiss Ma

  • 1. class teacher2. be kind to3. look young 4. sports coach5. do exercise

    Useful phrasesUseful phrasesUseful phrases

  • B Read the letter from Kelly to Liu Mei and answer the questions.How many seasons are there in Australia. When does spring come in Canberra?When does autumn begin?What season lasts from June to August?Is It cool and windy or hot and dry in summer?What does Kelly do in summer?What colour are the trees in autumn?What is Kellys favoutite season?Four In SeptemberFrom MarchWinterHot and dry in summer.She goes swimming every day.They are orange and brown.Her favourite season is winter.begins.comes

  • 1. last for2. at the beginning of3. at the end of4. in the middle of5. go skiing


    Useful phrasesUseful phrasesUseful phrases

  • 2. last for 1. do exercise do exercises a. The doctor says I must _____________ every day. b. Tom is good at maths. He is _________________ in the classroom. do exercise doing exercises 3The exam lasts for three hours.

    Language points

  • Language points3. at the beginning of > John At the beginning of April, John passed the exam. 4. at the end of > There is a coffee shop at the end of the road.5. in the middle of /There is a round table in the middle of the room.

  • Using English A Reference booksB. alphabetical order.

  • 1 They are not from the same primary school . They are from _________ _________ schools. 2. Simon is twelve years old . __________ __________ is Simon ?3. There are four people in Simons family . __________ ___________ people ______ ________ in Simons family ?4. Sally lives with her parents in Panyu . _______ _______ Sally _______ with in Panyu ?5. Rob studies in an international school in Guangzhou. ______ ________ Rob _______ in Guangzhou ?6. Simon walks to school . Simon goes to school ______ ______.7. He is an engineer in our factory . He _______ _______ an engineer in our factory .8. In autumn the trees are all orange and brown . _______ ________ are the trees in autumn ?Exercise (1) ()

  • ,.Exercise (2) ()

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