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Types Internal Combustion Engines External Combustion Engines

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Slide 2 Types Internal Combustion Engines External Combustion Engines Slide 3 Internal Combustion-Basic Parts Crankcase Crankshaft Piston Piston Rings Connecting Rod 4-Stroke Engine Valvetrain Camshaft Valves Slide 4 Crankcase Main Structural component of the engine. Slide 5 Piston Cylindrical part fitted in a cylinder Transmits power created by the combusting fuel & air Slide 6 Piston Rings Seals the Piston to the Cylinder Wall Slide 7 Connecting Rod Links Crankshaft to Piston Slide 8 Crankshaft Converts the Linear motion of the piston to a Rotary motion. Slide 9 4-Stroke Engine-Valvetrain Camshaft Operates Valves Valves Open and Close Ports Slide 10 Internal Combustion Engines 4-Stroke Gas 2-Stroke Gas Slide 11 4-Stroke Gas Engines 4 Stroke / Cycle Intake Compression Power Exhaust Slide 12 Intake Stroke Piston moves down drawing in fuel and air. Slide 13 4-Stroke Gas Engines - Intake Slide 14 4-Stroke Gas Engines - Compression Piston moves up, squeezing the fuel and air Slide 15 4-Stroke Gas Engines - Compression Slide 16 4-Stroke Gas Engines - Power Near Top Dead Center spark ignites the fuel and air combusting the vapor forcing the piston down. Slide 17 4-Stroke Gas Engines - Power Slide 18 4-Stroke Gas Engines - Exhaust Piston moves up forcing out the spent gasses Slide 19 4-Stroke Gas Engines - Exhaust Slide 20 4-Stroke Gas Engines 4-Stroke In Action Pros Easy to Refuel Light Weight Inexpensive Cons Only 30% Efficient Slide 21 2-Stroke Gas Engines Completes the 4-cycles in 2-strokes No Valvetrain Uses Transfer Ports Slide 22 2-Stroke Gas Engines 2-Stroke in action Advantages: Less Moving Parts Light Weight Twice as Powerful Operating Position Disadvantages: Frequent Rebuilds Pollution Burns Oil Slide 23 External Combustion Engines Steam Engines Rocket Engines Slide 24 Steam Engines Steam engines were the first engine type to see widespread use. Used to pump water Slide 25 Steam Engines Slide 26 Rocket Engines Rocket engines are reaction engines. Two Types Solid Fuel Liquid Fuel Slide 27 Solid & Liquid Fuel Slide 28 The End Slide 29