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Presentation of new software tool features. This HydroOffice tool is focused on the environmental time series processing.


  • 1. Hydro Office Software for Water Sciences TS Editor 3.0 White paper HydroOffice.org

2. White paper for HydroOffice tool TS Editor 3.0 Milo Gregor, PhD. / milos.gregor@hydrooffice.orgHydroOffice.org software for water scienceThis file is published under Creative Common License 3. What is HydroOfficeHydroOffice is a comprehensive software package calculation of minimum or maximum N-dailydesigned for hydrology, hydrogeology, meteorology valuesand for environmental engineers. The HydroOffice baseflow separationpackage contains a number of separate installable separation of runoff components using results oftools that are distributed as freeware or are priced. recession curve analysisEach of these tools is designed for a specific purpose. calculation of long-term average groundwaterThese tools can be used for:runoff from a basin recession curve analysis of springs or rivers time series analysis, editing, processing, evaluation and analysis of extreme water visualization, evaluation and export conditions (drought or flood) production of flow duration curvesWhat is TS EditorTS Editor is the latest tool in HydroOffice softwareprocessing measured values over time. This is theand is charged for. It is the flagship of HydroOffice most comprehensive tool in the HydroOfficetools and is created with the latest technology, whichpackage. Its structure was suggested by vastmakes it significantly faster in import/exportexperience, therefore work with this program is veryoperations, in visualization and in function runtime. fast, easy and comfortable. Its usage andThe GUI of the program can be freely customized functionality is described in the following sections.according to user needs. The program is generallydesigned to work with data sets of time series;What can this program be used for ?Because of the wide range of this programs results of external programs or for intermediate andcapabilities, it can be used in many areas. In fact, it final processing, and for visualization and statisticalcan be used wherever you need to process the time evaluation of data. In addition, the program allowsseries of measured values. Due to the focus ofyou to work with selected external software and files,HydroOffice software, its functionality isso it can be used as a platform for cooperation. Allindispensible in the following areas: data in the program can be analyzed in tabular and hydrology and hydro-biology graphical form invarious customizable geology, geo-technical engineering and geo- visualizations. This TS Editor program will findinformatics application in the government sector, in academic environmental science and engineering and research institutions, NGOs and also in thecommercial sector in solving theoretical and water and land use management practical problems in the water sector. The following meteorology and climatology section deals with a brief description of theThe program can be used in multiple phases of work. extensive functionality of this program.It can be used for input processing of raw data fromdatabases and dataloggers, analysis of outputs andFunctionalityThe core of each program is its functionality. TS components of all the above methods of processingEditor, version 3.0, contains more than 2,000 time series and to logically integrate them in all thefunctions for managing time series. Most of these programs individual features and tools. Thisfeatures can be found in the group of conversionresultant program has all these individual featurescommands. Comparing TS Editor functionality withincorporated according to the purpose of the sixother existing software, this program is situated ongroups listed hereunder. The following subsectionsthe border between spreadsheets, statistical tools, describe each group of commands. You can executedatabases, visualization software and all various these features from the ribbon toolbar, using thehighly specialized professional tools. Developmentfunctional tree in the side panel, or with the veryof this program involved the challenge to create asimple and fast scripting language from thetool which could take the most importantcommand line. 4. 1 PropertiesThis properties group contains functions and length, character and the number of gaps in thecommands to obtain information about the nature seriesand structure of the time series. With these information on the uniformity and continuance ofcommands you can get metadata, such as: the time series the number of values in the time series characteristics of sections in the series with the number of zero values or values in a defined increasing, decreasing or constant value trends range time ranges of selected time series 5. 2 EditThe Edit group contains functions and commands transform the time series (for example; movefor editing the series. This group includes the mostfrom hourly to daily time series)features. Using the commands in this group you can shift values in the document on the timelineperform the following operations: copy the temporal structure of series or values select or delete data on the scope time range between documentsdefinition; using filters, user defined conditions, combine and merge time series into a singlethe nature of the values and other methodsdocument with variable and adjustable functions recalculate the values in a series using convert unitsmathematical functions fill gaps using several methods 6. 3 FunctionsThe Functions group includes specific features that unification of the temporal structure of multiplecannot be assigned to other categories. Their use is time series according to the one selectedwidespread and they are particularly useful for: statistical analysis and visualization of multiple creation of single and double mass curves time series in the profile (for example; time series interpolation of values between two time series depending on depth below the surface, or altitude) automatic merging of multiple documents into a single one 7. 4 StatisticsThe focus of functions in this group is quite obvious. information can be obtained for the entire time series,Statistical parameters for the selected series can befor individual years, months, seasons and inter-calculated using these commands. The current annual periods.version of the program allows you to calculate the In addition, the program allows you to createminimum, maximum, average and sum values and tostatistical reports which can be used directly in finalobtain information on the number of values. This reports or articles. 8. 5 VisualizationThis program allows you to create many types of example, these functions allow you to show variouscharts for visualization. The functions give you agraphs, such as range charts, summary charts, graphsfast view of large amounts of data whichof annual courses of values and graphs of rainfall-significantly improves rendering series in the chart. runoff relationships.You can visualize all types of series, and theirIn addition to the functions described above, theindividual settings and parameters can be freelyprogram allows you to create visualization ofchanged.sections of your time series which are mutually Many independent features have been created in temporally synchronized.the program for specific visualization types. For 9. 6 CooperationThis last group of commands lets you work withprogram. In addition, your results from Feflow canexternal programs, databases and file structures. The be directly opened and used in TS Editor.current version of the program allows you to work In this section you can also work with CSV fileswith the Feflow program. This cooperation allowswith variable character. CSV files are frequentlyprepared time series to be exported from theused by external programs and data-loggers.program in a specific *.pow file, specific for this 10. ConclusionThe above text describes all options for using TSexternal distributors in your country.Editor 3.0. With more than 2,000 functions the A demonstration version can be tried directly afterprogram is multi-purpose and can be applied in installing the software package HydroOffice 2012.many situations. This program provides everythingThe complete user manual can be found on the webyou will ever need in handling your time series of in the download section. To see the program inmeasured values. The focus during development of action, you can watch the Preview Video orthis program was especially placed on its use in individual tutorials on YouTube. If you are interestedenvironmental, meteorological, engineering and inin this program, check our website (hydrooffice.org)all water-based sciences.where you will find information about discounts andThe program can be purchased on theother opportunities for obtaining a program licence.hydrooffice.org page after registration or through


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