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Tips & Tricks for End Users. 2008 Cascade Server Users Conference Justin Klingman, Manager, Web Design & Content Management Beacon Technologies, Inc. September 22, 2008. Introduction. Who am I? Beacon Technologies, Inc. 10 th -year anniversary Automate, Grow, and Showcase Your Business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Tips &amp; Tricks for End Users</p> <p>09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference1Tips &amp; Tricks for End Users2008 Cascade Server Users ConferenceJustin Klingman, Manager, Web Design &amp; Content ManagementBeacon Technologies, Inc.September 22, 2008109/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference2IntroductionWho am I?Beacon Technologies, Inc.10th-year anniversaryAutomate, Grow, and Showcase Your BusinessCustom Software Development, Search Engine Marketing, Web Design &amp; Content Management09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference3IntroductionMy Cascade Server WorldPurchased in April 2005 as PublishXMLUsed as a Software as a Service (SaaS)26 customers, 65 sites, 60 total users2-system architecture for performance7 separate instancesPartner with Hannon HillParticipate on the Product Advisory CouncilConduct end-user training09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference4IntroductionSession geared towards both end users and managersFocusing on tips &amp; tricks to effectively implement, manage and use Cascade ServerLets make this interactivefeel free to interrupt me!</p> <p>09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference5IntroductionWhat well cover:Smart ImplementationsRepurposing ContentUsing Data DefinitionsIntegrating Scripting LanguagesManaging Search Engine Marketing EffortsControlling Flash ApplicationsDocumentation and Training End Users09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference6Smart ImplementationsPlan and Think Ahead09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference7Smart ImplementationsTemplate Set-upIts tempting to create a new template for every different page look &amp; layoutTry to keep a minimal number of templatesAdvantages:Less to keep up withQuicker, easier redesignWhat are some ideas for consolidating the use of templates?09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference8Smart ImplementationsTemplate Set-upUse CSS for minor layout alterationsExample:2 different content layouts for a site:Page w/ Right ColumnPage w/o Right ColumnHow do they all run off of one template?Create additional CSS file that overrides main site CSSCreate XSL that calls CSS fileApply appropriate XSL to page using Configuration SetsSet up Asset Factory for each Configuration Set09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference9Smart ImplementationsData DefinitionsKey: Think long-term!How can we design this so that it can be easily modified in the future?Always use, even if just one WYSIWYG editor regionCan expand Data Definition to add functionalityIf not used, may have to edit 100s of pages to apply a Data Definition in the future09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference10Smart ImplementationsData DefinitionsTry not to use one Data Definition for multiple applicationsCan be applied to each page using Content Types in 5.5.2</p> <p>09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference11Smart ImplementationsMetadata SetsAlways use unique Metadata Set per siteCan be applied to each page using Content Types in 5.5.2Just like with Data Definitions, think about expansionConsider using separate Metadata Sets for Pages, Files, Folders, External LinksCreate individual Asset Factories for each type of asset per site09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference12Repurposing Content09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference13Repurposing ContentGives your site users multiple formatsPublish your site in the following formats:Print-friendlyLite HTML / Handheld DevicesPDF, Word DocumentsXML / RSSMultiple LanguagesRepurpose content across multiple pages09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference14Using Data Definitions09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference15Using Data DefinitionsUse Target CSS to control the following attributes of your WYSIWYG editor:Font family / size / colorBackground colorWidth of the content region (Firefox only)09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference16IntegratingScripting Languages09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference17Integrating Scripting LanguagesWYSIWYG editor doesnt play nice with scripting languages without special codeMost scripting languages cant be run inside Cascade (exception: some JavaScript)How do we get scripting code into Cascade Server?</p> <p>09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference18Integrating Scripting LanguagesUse Server-Side Includes (SSI)Allows developers full control over their code without using CascadeProtects code from modification, deletion09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference19Integrating Scripting LanguagesAdding SSI below the content regionCreate include files outside CascadeCreate a stylesheet for each include fileAdd a template region just below DEFAULTUsed to attach SSI stylesheet to pageAllows end user to maintain introductory contentAttach appropriate stylesheetWhen published, application will be displayed</p> <p>09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference20Integrating Scripting LanguagesAdding SSI InlineInsert SSI within the body of content, floating left or right, in between paragraphsAllows more flexibility for end user to position applications within content regionAllows end user ability to add their own applications09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference21Integrating Scripting LanguagesEnd users insert an HTML module into WYSIWYG editor that contains SSIUse CSS to create identifiable boxUse inline CSS to allow end user to specify width/height of area, alignment properties[system-view:internal] tags will prevent internal CSS code from being publishedDisadvantages:[system-view] tags show in editorModule can accidently be deleted very easily09/22/20082008 Cascade Server User's Conference22Integrating Scripting LanguagesPut scripting code in XSLAdd scripting code directly into editor without SSIUse HTML view</p>