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  • 1.Experts Panel Neeraj Gupta, Boydlee Pollentine, Fokke Zandbergen, Hani Hamadeh, Gaurav Kheterpal, Nikhil Nigade & Ravindra Kumar

2. When can we expect Windows Phone support in Titanium? 3. How are you going to address the porting difficulties that exist between iOS and Android? 4. Can you tell me what are the best practices about writing a solid enterprise class app in Titanium? 5. Is there any way we can add libraries based on our app functionality? For example:- My app is not using contacts related things or GPS related things. So, we can remove those classes or code from the build? It will make our app size considerably smaller. 6. Is there a way for getting live crash reports from Titanium apps for analysing as well as for recognizing and removing those bugs? Logging Mechanism in Alloy? How can we achieve logging effectively in Alloy / Titanium that can help to improve and enhance the quality of our code? 7. What are best practices for migrating from classical to Titanium Alloy? What are the things to take care during migration? 8. Suppose I am developing cross platform mobile game and want to access some hardware specific features of the device - how good is Appcelerator Titanium at that and how will be the performance compared to native development? 9. I am using TiMocha in our app for unit testing. I need to know, how we can break the the test suit execution on runtime? For example, if I have four dependent test suites and if first one is a failure, I want to skip remaining test suite execution. How can I achieve this? 10. What would be the advice of titanium experts to build an app that would be sold to hundreds of clients as a product, of course where each client would opt for customisations? What factors and aspects should be considered to develop an app as a product using Titanium that is scalable and requires less maintenance/re- submissions post development?